✨Scan Pic ✨

✨Scan Pic ✨

Hi everyone it's been a while, I know a few have asked how we are doing, which is a lot less worried at the mo, it's taken a while to get my head around this is actually happening and it's going to be all ok!!

Here is our little Miracle at 19 weeks, everything spot on which was a relief!!

Got to have another scan at 34 weeks as I have a low lying placenta, but hopefully will have moved by time baby comes.

We found out the sex but are just keeping it as a surprise for everyone, this whole IVF process family & friends have known the ups and downs so we thought it would be nice to have our little secret for as long as we can!!

'Even Miracles Take a Little Time' xx 🍀👶🏻✨

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  • Yeah! Great news!

  • Hi Lucky17. Perfect little person in there! So pleased all,is going well for you. Hope all continues to go well and the placenta behaves. It's amazing how the placenta can move up as the pregnancy progresses. Good luck! Diane

  • just beautiful! How exciting. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy and safe arrival of your little miracle 😊 xx

  • So happy for you, lovely pic, sending best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy, take good care x x x

  • How exciting, congratulations xx

  • Beautiful ❤🌈💋

  • Looking good Lucky 17 xx

  • Lovely picture xx

  • So lovely to see 😊 best of luck for the remaining pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations wishing you all the best xx

  • Wow! So clear! So beautiful x

  • Great news.. Ah enjoy rest of your pregnancy xxx

  • Congratulations.......

  • Ahhh what a lovey wee scan picture! Nice to hear that things are going well!xx

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