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Mounting costs

Can anyone help.. Me and my boyfriend are trying to find somewhere to have natural iui. We've both been tested and have the relevant paperwork. He has antibodies in his sperm and apart from that we are both ok. All the clinics we've tried want us to have various tests and consultations pushing the price higher and higher. Is there somewhere out there that will see us and not try to extract every penny we can afford.

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Hi Jomalc. Sorry you're having difficulty in finding a reasonably priced clinic. We can't mention names here, as it is seen as advertising. If you haven't already done so, have a look at hfea.gov.uk and look at several websites to compare prices. Good luck! Diane



Iv read about something called the Stork at home conception kit it's apperantly like IUI.

Hope this helps x


We've tried the stork but the trouble is that my partner has antibodies in his sperm so with iui they basically select the best ones and put them back in.. thanks for your reply


All the clinics will want testing to be done I believe


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