Finding it hard to believe. Please tell me I an not dreaming!

Finding it hard to believe.  Please tell me I an not dreaming!

Hi all, after years of trying and assessment with docs saying they could find nothing wrong today I done a pregnancy test. Today should be the first day of my period but I had this feeling... the line is faint but what do you think? Can it really be that I am finally pregnant or am I imagining it because I want it so much?

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  • Its does look like a positive test!! Congratulations!xx

  • Thanks a lot! Hard to believe my eyes! xx

  • I'll bet but we can all see it too so you're not dreaming!! Yippeee!!xx

  • I can definitely see a line! Congratulations! Xx

  • Thanks very much! I really hope the same will happen for you punpkin36! You have been a wonderful support to me and I am very grateful! x

  • Anytime xx

  • Definitely pregnant! Naturally? Congratulations!!!

  • Thanks! Yes, naturally. For some reason ( no symptoms) I had a feeling for a week now. I can't quite believe it. Xx

  • Defo a positive 2nd line. Congratulations xxx

  • Thanks very much! I'm still in shock!

  • Congratulations! How wonderful for you! x

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Deffo preggo congratulations xxxx

  • Thanks xx

  • That looks very positive, will you be trying a first response test? I find the first response early result tests really good.

  • I am going to do another one tomorrow morning first thing to confirm. Was thinking of getting a clear blue as I hear they are good xx

  • I personally prefer first response my lines were always lighter on clearblue than on first response. The first response early result tests are meant to be very sensitive.

  • Thank you !will get one of them as well to triple check :) xx

  • Pretty in Pink!! Those lines say it all - congratulations xx

  • Thanks x

  • Massive co grats you are Defoe preggers. Yeyyyy well done Mrs xx

  • Wowser! Amazing! x

  • Congrats! x

  • Txs xx

  • Definitely two lines! 😊 X

  • Deffinatly 2 lines congratulations xx

  • Thank you! xx

  • Congratulations ❤🌈💋

  • Definitely positive x

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