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Got referral!

Well, after struggling for several months to get a referral from my doctor, I did what all of you lovely ladies suggested and changed doctors. My new doctor said that since neither of us have any children from previous marriages, and since I've never had a miscarriage, we should be referred straight away. Now waiting for the letter to arrive. But what, exactly, have I let myself in for? Any advice, for someone just beginning the journey? I know that we'll have to wait a while before we even reach the top of the treatment list, but it's good to be prepared...

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Hi! I suppose we are at the start of the journey too. TTC for 2 years and got referred to Fertility Clinic about 6months ago. We waited 3 months for Initial Consultation (I am in NI). My GP did all my blood tests for hormone levels prior to attending the clinic and did tests on my DH for his sperm count/health etc. All those results were normal so we then went for our first consultation at clinic. The Consultant took a good medical history, did an internal scan of my ovaries etc, swabs for STIs and bloods to determine my ovarian reserve. We then went back about 2-3months later for a review appointment. We got told all our results were within perfect ranges so we have "unexplained infertility". The Consultant wanted to go straight to IVF (waiting list is 9months here in NI) but I pushed for a dye test to double check for blockages etc, which she finally agreed to. We are hoping now to try IUI before we go for IVF.

I was so overwhelmed at my first appointment and cannot remember half of what the Consultant said. I definately recommend writing all your questions down and write things down at appointment if u want so you can go over what the Consultant said when you get home and your options. Don't be afraid to ask the Consultant to clarify things too...like abbrevations etc. I was trying to remember all the terms so I could google them later!! I had to push for the dye test as she was reluctant to do it so don't be afraid to ask. You will know what is the best option for you. Everyone's journey is different. Glad you have got referred and hopefully finding some answers for you xx

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Diane has a list of good questions to ask on your first appointment I think...

Good luck! x


Hi Tomorrow_1. Just wanted to wish you well with it all. Yes, I do have a list of questions I can email you in confidence if you want. Too long to add here, but just email me at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org and I will send them to you. Diane


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