Like the 2ww again

Hi. Feel like I'm going crazy here. Am wondering if I could be pregnant. I first started light spotting last wed. Never came to anything. Period officially due on Saturday so it is quite late. Today is day 30 and I've only once had a period arrive on day 30. I was about to do a pregnancy test but went to loo and had more light spotting after had none for about 3 days. Feel scared. Was really hoping this was our time scared if I take a test it ll be negative.xx

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  • Hey Hun I had the same thing back in June after a failed IUI. I actually missed a whole months period but was spotting. I took several tests and all were negative. You could be pregnant though so you should take a test, everyone is different! Best of luck x

  • Okay thank you. It's probably just wishful thinking. Our failed icsi was in august my last period was back to its normal 26 days xx

  • Our bodies can get a bit messed up with all the meds and stress etc but u never know! u hear when people say it happened when they were almost giving up! Do the test! got my fingers crossed for u xxx

  • Thanks. Almost don't want to know!! It's horrible the way we get our hopes up xx

  • I symptom spot every month-we all do it x

  • This is quite unusual for me tho so I did think it was looking likely😐x

  • Frustrating as it is gutting to get ur hopes up. Well there is still a chance but it's a waiting game now xxx

  • Just did a test. It said not pregnant 😐😐 feel gutted. If it's not here by sat will test again. I hate this. My period is 4 days late. Xx

  • Oh Hun, could just be ur cycles a bit out but yes test again Saturday if still not here- don't do it b4 or I'll drive urself crazy x

  • It is a rollacoaster and each day comes with a different emotion. One minute you are optimistic and the next minute you are doubting everything. Just do what you feel is best. I have everything crossed for you Hun xxx

  • Thanks but I'm probably not although my friend just said to me better to do first thing so there's probably a slim chance. I'd rather just know it's awful xx

  • It certainly is a roller coaster! !xx

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