Day 9 symptoms!!!😝

Hey ladies I'm on day 9 and I'm okay just feeling very low this morning. Not as many symptoms as I've had, a lot of creamy mucus down below which has made me think am I ovulating but I think creamy discharge is normal according to a few ladies, not sure worried. I had a headache an period pain cramps different to the others days last night but I've also got piles from the pessaries... It's only the start of them I think but I'm uncomfortable an it feels like a water infection. Need cheering up not in a good place today. Help if anyone has any for me x x

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  • Me too. And I am just emotional I cried when I had to squeeze 1 extra thing into my schedule! I just want my period to start, so I can lick my wounds and move on with life. At least there's nothing but white stuff coming out! I have weird scabby stuff, but not sure what to make of it as I have never had that before, also I didn't bleed hardly at all after the egg collection. But thinking its a bit late for that.

    The good news for you is only 5 more days til test day! And tomorrow is the weekend!

  • Thanks Hun. It's so much strain on us girls. I just want to get back to normal or no either way. Do you feel like your not preggers?? x

  • I feel like my period is lurking and have cried this morning to my partner for about 20 mins about it feel a right mess also not sleeping good waking up in the night wide awake and then nearly 2 hours before my alarm in the morning , really scared for next week and very tempted to early test but also scares me to death ! Xx

  • I'm 90% sure I'm not preggers. I've done this enough to recognise the signs. My cervix is usually really high when I get a positive result and is noticeable when I used the progesterone cream. When I used it this morning it was very low... My back hurts and I'm getting cramps. I am very lucky, round 6 gave us a beautiful little girl, round 8 was our last attempt. 1 spoiled child is better than none. Now to the future!

  • Really you do know a lot of how you feel. I've had hot flushes today and weird pains in the middle of my tummy from my belly button down only for a few seconds. Then pains in each ovary is this normal x

  • I had pains in ovaries. I was told that is normal. They just had holes poked in them! So they are healing.

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