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Low fertilisation rate

Just had the call following EC yesterday.

Only 3/13 eggs have fertilised. Advised that all eggs were mature and sperm quality and quantity good - appearently an issue with binding this time.

Surprised and disheartened as previous cycles fertilisation rates were as follows:

3/3 - IVF - 2 embryo transfers at day 3 BFN

5/8 - IVF - 1 day 5 blastocyst transfer - positive but low hcg ultimately misccarried.

DH and I are bit lost as to why the outcome worse than last time and clinic not really able to offer explaination at this time.

Does anyone have any experience of this ?

Did you find any explaination ?

Any tips on how to keep hopeful ?

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Hey you. I don't have any thoughts on why... but three is still three. Keep some hope and sending you big hugs xx


I had really low fertilization rates as my eggs were sticky and only had 4 of which 2 made it to blastocyst stage...I'm 12 weeks pregnant! It really does just take one! Stay positive and sending positive thoughts your way x


Hi Silvercloud88. It does seem that some eggs are just resistant to being fertilised. Sometimes the shells can be a bit tough, so if they know that in advance, they sometimes switch to ICS just to make sure the sperm has penetrated. We're just going to have to see whether the 3 you have, fertilise and progress. Obviously wishing you well. Thinking of you. Diane


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