2 good blastocyst put in

I was wondering on my ivf journey. They told be I don't get enough good eggs. Because off my age. Iam 41. Trying for few years. All my scans was good. Didn't have to up my injections. I've started bleeding monday and I test on Friday. I was wondering. My mother in law asked question. If had 2 good blastocyst put in and one didn't settle could I still bleed. 1 stayed. Just so hard . That everything was good.

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  • I've thought the same conwayblue because I am spotting too. I had 2 blasts transferred so it could be that one hasn't made it, I have heard that can happen but who knows. Let's hope it's good news for us xx

  • I got told the same when I started bleeding last cycle, that one could take and the other not or could still bleed and everything could be ok. That's why they say to keep taking the meds until test day.xx

  • Thank you. Fingers cross. X

  • Definitely fingers crossed! Its so hard when you are bleeding like this. I knew it was over for me as all of my symptoms, tender breasts etc disappeared but I did what I was told as there was still hope until I did my test!xx

  • Very hard i know what you mean about symptoms. All stop. Dont even if hungry anymore. But that might be due feeling low. All my life heated children. So hard when see you 2 younger cousin have a baby and see all your cousin who grow up with have baby. Life so unfair. X

  • You're right, life can be very cruel and we all feel it at times! Rest up and take it easy xx

  • You to. Take care. X

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