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Baseline scan done ✔

Hi everyone 😃

So has my baseline scan today - have been down regging for 23 days so far. All good apparently so now have to wait for a phone call tomorrow afternoon to let me know when I can start stimming.

The last few days I've had bright red blood again even though my AF finished last week. I also had a trial embryo transfer done - it was all fine & didn't feel much apart from the speculum! That really hurt! They tell you to relax with a full bladder whist they push down on your bladder to scan so that they can see for the transfer - not easy!

Will not be drinking that much water for actual transfer as was just too uncomfortable.

Hope your all ok xxx🌌🌌

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Hi dear! I know sometimes it all makes you really nervous and annoyed.. as I've got it that's what you feel with all those things done to you.. or at least that's how it makes me feel being through those procedures .. especially if with no luck .. as it goes for me lately.. you should be strong .. I believe you are having started with all that .. Wish you luck there x


Hi Pumpkin36. A few uncomfortable moments for you, but nothing seems to be too amiss. Good luck with it all. Diane

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Thanks Diane, yes all forgotten now 😃 all good prep for the real thing though x

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Indeed! xx


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