Second check up scan today ☺

Today I had my second check up scan. Started meds 1 week ago today - first scan on weds, all looked good and had a clear front runner of 11mm...scan today and was told my lining was perfect (atleast something is!!!) And follicles are growing good...slow and steady, all looking good. No change to meds...another scan Monday morning and will have egg collection day confirmed but looking at EC Weds or Friday next week!

I think the feedback so far has been good...its quite hard to tell for a newbie 😧

Here's to everything growing nicely over the weekend!! 😊 xoxo

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  • Sounds like you are doing well. Good luck with egg collection x

  • Thankyou!! Hoping there abit bigger by Monday so we can get booked in for collection 😊 xox

  • Good luck!! Amazing everything's going well! I'm about a week behind you! Got my first check up scan on Monday morning 🙏🏼 then another on Tuesday or Wednesday then probably one more before getting egg collection date 🙈❤🙌🏼😍👍🏼😩😥💪🏼🤞🏼 all the emotions!! Haha xx

  • Thankyou!! I feel overwhelmed with it all today. I'm scared for egg collection because I'm a baby! 😭 And now that's the next step I'm getting anxious again! Really happy it's all going well but jeez these emotions are hard work without all the drugs, poking and prodding 😥

    Ooh not far behind me then, I've had 2 scans after starting meds! Hopefully all is good with yours and you'll get your date too!! 😊 xox

  • Good luck hun Im day 4 of menopur ive got scan booked tues and fri then if all well I will be in for egg collection 15th xx

  • Thankyou. And same to you. Hope all goes well on your scan! 😊 You won't be far behind me for EC xx

  • Awwww good luck!!!!! I have my first scan on Wednesday, then Friday and then the following Monday and then EC prob sometime between 17th-19th. Seems like there are quite a few people with similar dates! xx

  • That's the same as my scans too. I was Wednesday, Friday and next one is Monday. EC going to be the 10th or 12th 😯 Can't believe how fast it's all going now!

    Good luck with your scans. Hope all goes well xox

  • Think we are the same, I'm in again Monday and collection should be Wednesday! Good luck and don't worry about Collection x

  • Oh wow really?! Hopefully all is well for us both on Monday and collection is Wednesday! I'm kinda hoping mine is Friday, would be a lot more practical for work...but I have to not worry about that as everyone keeps telling me 🙈 xox

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