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I wrote a while ago about our struggle with secondary infertility. Today my husband and I went to see our GP about what to do next. She is an advocate of holistic therapies in conjunction with medicine. She is referring us to a fertility specialist via the NHS and we will both be embarking privately on acupuncture, reflexology and Arvigo massage (this one just for me) over the next few months with her blessing - we don't qualify for IVF on the NHS and we can't afford to do it privately.

Our GP thinks we simply need to de-stress and it will happen as based on the blood tests I have had so far and despite my age there is nothing obviously the matter, with me at any rate, and presumably with my husband as we have a little boy already.

I'm fine with the de-stressing idea as I do think we are rather stressed out. On the face of it we have "normal" lives and nothing to complain about but I think little, day to day things like the stress of getting stuck in traffic on the daily commute, not falling pregnant, making ends meet, not falling pregnant, boss/work colleagues being annoying, not falling pregnant, worrying about my Mum who is elderly and infirm, not falling pregnant, noisy neighbours taking our parking spaces, son asking why he doesn't have a little brother... you get the picture - all accumulates until we are little stress balls trying to get romantic and make a baby!

But with the de-stressing we also want some medical assurances. Be as relaxed as you like but if there are no eggs there are no eggs and we would like to know one way or the other so I'm pleased we are being referred to a fertility expert who can probably tell us more than our GP at this point.

Anyhow its all going in the right direction ,I guess. Just thought I would give an account of where we are at and will continue to do so on our journey.

Best wishes to you all and good luck xxx

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I opted for holistic therapies as couldn't afford the cost of ivf either and I loved them. I had a similar year to you last year, bereavement a cancer scare a husband who couldn't get a job for a year and a busy job. Reflexology and reiki really helped me so much as the Dr's couldn't find anything to be preventing conception. My hospital never tested egg reserve if that's what you mean by 'if there are no eggs' but you will be able to have other tests. If I had to go through that all again I'd pay private for the complete testing about £600 for a couple and get the whole thing done rather than a painstaking 18 months of lost results and retests to then be sent away to do it my own holistic way. After a tough 2016 we expect our first son in September 2017. Best of luck to you both on your journey x

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Congratulations - that is wonderful news! Thank you for your reply and your experience with holistic approach v test. By comparison to others we are just starting on this journey and have loads more to learn about what tests there are etc. Just taking it day by day and figuring it all out but most of all trying to be calm! Best wishes x


Most definately try to stay calm while you can and explore all of your options both scientifically and alternative. Years of tears but the end goal is so worth it xx


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