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Blood tests question

Hi, I am now waiting for my referral to come through to start the IVF process and have been told I need to get new blood tests (repeat of what I have had done before so they are more in date), has to be day 2-5 of cycle which could potentially clash when i am away in another part of thecountry, nurse said don't miss it because it will delay things.

So my question is, does anyone know if I get the blood tests done in a hospital that is not local to me and I have all the paperwork, will the results get to where they need to be? I did ring up my local blood department and ask but they couldn't say, so that was not helpful. And of course now the stress of worrying about timing, it looks likely my period will fall at the wrong time. I would of thought that everything is online?

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Mind wouldn't accept my private smear I had To have it done again through NHS so it's all accessible on my file, even though I had a copy of it,

Your best bet would be to ask the clinic or your gyno as all areas are different,

I had to have mind 2-5 cycle done several times once they lost it then my levels was too high they wasn't happen I had a nightmare with my bloods,

Private results will go to you and may request a copy to send to your doctors but if your going through NHS I would check that you can do it first,

Hopefully your period be early or late so you get it done normally, but if you miss it then you would have to wait a whole month :-( xx


I can't imagine why they want these tests again, unless they were equivocal the first time. (Tests are done day 2-5 as part of checking for PCOS, these tests are usually just FSH and LH. Other tests are often 'bundled on', but they do NOT need to be done on day 2-5)

If GP ordered bloods, speak to GP - they can give you print out of the results. You can also ask for a phone appointment (easier and quicker to get) so you can discuss if there is any point in repeating these. If GP thinks not, they can discuss with the IVF clnic on your behalf (if NHS ivf....they may be reluctant to do so/won't do so if this is private ivf).. but GP should be happy to discuss with you then you can ask to discuss again w ivf clinic.. ask to email consultant's secretary.

another option.. if NHS cycle... GP in another part of the country should be happy in this situation to do your bloods as an emergency appointment, on day 2-5. When period starts, contact local GP surgery. Explain you would like a phone call with the duty doctor. Any patient can be seen at any GP surgery in the country as a 'temporary resident'. explain the problem and I cannot imagine they would not fit you in for a blood test... but this would then need to be sent to your usual GP either by post/fax/email.... (forgot to say I am a GP! I would be perfectly happy with this situaion and try to help you.. even if I wasn't an ivf survivor myself!)

if hosp did bloods, speak to your gynaecology consultant's secretary. they should be able to get you a paper copy of the results, or they can be sent to your GP. Gp can then discuss the results with you also.

I'm afraid hosps/GPs in different parts of country cannot read each others results, but we can email to each other (special encryption). We'd love to be able to be all electronically connected, but the politicians/powers that be won't let us... and perhaps understandable, fears of computer hacking etc if we go national computer wise.

Sometimes your consultant will want a more up to date result before a cycle, eg regarding TSH or vit D. Or, there may be hfea regs which mean they need to be more 'in date'.. eg hepB, Hep C etc etc.

My kind GP did most of my bloods. I took print outs, but also had to bring a letter from my GP saying which hosp the bloods were done at. (this is because you have to prove the bloods were done at a hfea approved lab! (not for ALL bloods, just the ones the hfea are interested in, eg Hep B) I think all NHS labs ARE approved, but we had to prove it.. I can't remember the lingo, but i think it's a 'cesna' or 'cefna' approved lab or something.. I can check or you can find it on hfea website. However, this was worth it as I reckon it saved me perhaps £500 or more. The cost of blood tests at private clinics are insane and another reason to be grateful for the NHS.

phew! running out of steam. hope this helps. forgive me if incoherent/wrong for your area xx

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Hi KB11. "Coracle" (below) has explained in great detail for you. Good luck! Diane


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