Fertility friend chart... massive dip at 9/10dpo

Fertility friend chart... massive dip at 9/10dpo


Can someone have a look at my chart, I'm not used to charting before I started Clomid but have done it properly this month and today I got a temp dip.. I think I'm 9 dpo as I had my CD 21 bloods done and my progesterone was almost zero but definitely ovulated after, possibly on CD22....

Thanks in advance

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  • What length cycle do you normally have? You're on day 31 right? I tend to have 27 day cycles. To be honest when I used to chart, that dip usually meant af was on her merry way. I've not been on clomid though. x

  • Hi,

    I have 34-36 day cycle, 14-15 day luteal phase. X

  • Ok. Well I know some people get a dip before the end of their cycle sometimes. It's called an implantation dip. Never had one myself but fingers crossed this may be it for you. x

  • Thank you for your help MrsC! Much appreciated cx

  • Hi I would be more inclined to say your ovulation was CD25 as it's a clear temp rise in comparison to temps earlier in the month like CD16 etc. Could be implantation dip for sure so I wouldn't count yourself out yet but I did find my charts all over the place when on chlomid as my body temp was much higher with that medication.

  • Ovulation is confirmed by three consecutive temperature rises so to me it looks like you ovulated on CD24. You have dotted crosshairs which means that the ovulation on the chart is in doubt due to another factor, i.e. the positive opk being on CD 20. Usually after a positive opk it is between 12 and 24 hours later that ovulation occurs. But like I said, temps suggest CD24 xx

  • Thank you all for your replies! Really helpful! :-)

    I think Clomid totally throws things off doesn't it! The past two Clomid cycles I ovulated CD16 and CD18, but this time it was totally late... like I say, my 21 day progesterone levels were zero thereabouts.

    Today I've noticed a tiny amount of blood in my cervical fluid... (sorry for being gross!) really tiny amount at the moment. I don't think it's the start of my period though as like you guys say, my ovulation could've been anywhere from day 21-25, and my luteal phase is 15 days usually.. perhaps my cycle is totally messed up! 😓

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