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7 embryos doing well at day 3, transfer Sunday!

So pleased - 7 out of the 8 of our fertilised (donor) eggs are doing well, all good quality, and being allowed to go to blastocyst! A great result, thank you ladies for encouraging me along the way with my wibbles! So tomorrow we will find out what time they would like us at the clinic on Sunday for transfer.

I have had a lovely relaxing day today with some reflexology/MLD in the morning and acupuncture in the afternoon! Feel like I am floating along!

Blessings to you all ladies xx

PS Interestingly, there was a real range of progress in the embryos.. one at 6 cell stage, two at 8 cell, two pre-morula, and 2 morula. Does anyone have experience with what happened to their embryos which were a bit 'ahead of themselves'? Embryologist said it can be good or bad, they don't know at this point. Praying for mine and everyone elses' developing embies at the moment... isn't the formation of life incredible??

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I'm sorry I have no idea about embryo growth but it does all sound promising ! Our embryologist didn't go into much detail just explained the basic grading ! 7 embryos doing well is an amazing number though !!! Good luck for transfer :) xxxxxx


thank you xx


Whoooop!! X


Good luck on your transfer. I am a day behind you re frozen transfer from a previous donor round.

In our first fresh donor round we had a day 4 transfer as ahead of itself. The embryologists will select the best ones.

Wishing you all the best.

are you in the UK or abroad? I fly out to Spain tomorrow for transfer Monday.

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Hi there. Hope your transfer goes really well too. I'm using a London clinic. Hope all your travel goes well too.. and you have nice weather to enjoy! xx

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