Just had 'THE' call!

Little update for you lovely folk..we have 3 that have definitely fertilised and there's possibly a 4th too but they can't quite see it properly at the moment. I've never heard of that before so we'll just hope it has and they should know later today. We're pleased and just hoping one of those is our one πŸ™πŸ»

My clinic don't call on day 2 so they will ring on Thursday and my transfer, all being well, will be Thursday or Saturday. Just hoping they make it..now for more waiting! I have a good book on the go and lots of things recorded so hopefully that'll be distraction enough!

I do feel (slightly!) more relaxed this time and it's all out of our hands for this part so what will be will be I guess (listen to me all zen..let's see how long that lasts πŸ˜‚)

Thanks everyone for the lovely messages and support yesterday xxx

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  • Yay! Good news indeed! X

  • Thanks Hun xx

  • Yay 🀞X

  • Thanks Vicky xx

  • Well done Georgina78!! Fingers crossed for you for the next update!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella xx

  • Brilliant news will keep everything crossed for you xxxx

  • Thanks Sprinkles xx

  • Yey! :) come on little embryos! x

  • Thanks Em xx

  • Aww great news. Good luck for transfer xx 😊❀

  • Thanks Flossy xx

  • Good news! 🀞🏼 xx

  • Thanks WeeMrsH xx

  • Aww great news :) x

  • Thanks Rainbow xx

  • Great news good luck for ur transfer xx

  • Thank you Ro5ie xx

  • Woop! Congratulations!! Crossing fingers for the next few days xxxxx

  • Thanks Hun, I know I'm anxious to know if they'll last as the first time we had 6 doing well at the first call but only ended up with 3 in the end 😳 What a lottery it is! Xx

  • Great news xx

  • Thanks Button xx

  • Lovely news 😘😘

  • Thank you! 😘

  • Oh amazing news! You're right, relax now, you've done your bit! Well done x

  • Thanks Hun, definitely relaxing! Not got much choice as I'm still uncomfortable but I do need to be forced to relax so it's not necessarily a bad thing! Hope you're ok xx

  • Hurrah! Fertilised eggs a go go x

  • Just hoping they last πŸ™πŸ» It's not an amazing number but it could be a lot worse! Xx

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