Just had the call

Hi ladies

Just had call, appointment for ET booked for 11:40am tomorrow but we may get a call before then telling us that they want to push to day 5, as we live an hour away from Leeds have to set off as normal if we haven't heard from them but it may be that we get a call en-route!

How does this sound?

So nervous my stomach is doing butterflies 😳

Holly x

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  • Hi sweet, we were told ET at day 3 but they it was pushed back that morning to day 5.

    All the very best xx

  • Hi emjayne

    Thank you for replying so quickly, part of me wants them back inside me the other part has read every report going about blastocyst stage so part of me wants it to be Monday. I guess we have to place lots of trust in that they know what's best x

  • I felt exactly the same lol I was really disappointed on the Saturday morning, I am the same you yourself I live around 30 mins from clinic so they needed to call me before I was due to leave, I had just got out of the shower and prepared and he then called to say it was being pushed back. Instantly I felt gutted, until It came to my new transfer day and I was so excited that they had made it to day 5 and I had 6 others which they could freeze for us.

    Whatever the outcome trust they will proceed the way which they believe will be most beneficial to you :) xxx

  • Hi emjayne

    Those are really good numbers .. As we only have 3 I'm worried that they may not take the risk to take them to day 5.

    lots of luck for your 2ww x

    Holly x

  • I remember feeling exactly the same way. We had 3 as well and on day 3, they all looked similar and we got the call from the clinic to say they wanted to go to day 5 to see if they would divide further and see if there was a difference in quality. I was all prepared in my head to go in there in day 3 and just wanted them back in me and not wait and they were leaving the decision up to us. I was just afraid none of them would make it to day 5.

    In the end, we took a little bit of time to consider both options and then rang them back so they could explain the situation again as I don't think I took it in properly at first. Only 2 made it to day 5 so it was better that we waited and got the 2 best ones transferred. I think taking them to day 5 is good if you can because it gives your body a better chance to heal after the ec and if they make it to blastocyst, then they are fighters. Best of luck whatever happens!

  • Hi Tlove

    Thank you for getting back to me - I know it is such a tough one isn't it

    If they think that they will make it to day 5 then I have to put my trust in them to make the best call - I am not sure what their policy is when there are only 3...

    I am not going to stress about it - I will wait and see what tomorrow brings, I will get ready as if we are having the transfer tomorrow and if we get the call then great, if not then great!

    I will let you know :)

    Holly x

  • Your clinic want you to get that BFP so trust in them to look after your embies and decide what things will give you the best chance if success. If they get to day 5 it should hopefully give you a better chance but as my clinic pointed out embies are better off inside you than in a dish if you don't get to day 5. We had 3 day transfers due to low numbers of embies.

    Good luck.

  • All the best for transfer!! I'm sure your clinic will do the best for you!!x

  • Hi pm27 and Cinderella5

    Thank you :)

    Holly x

  • Thinking about you today holly :) today's the day you really start the magical part and most difficult part. Be kind to yourself xx

  • Thank you πŸ˜„

    Holly x

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