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Pre IVF vitamins & Preparation


Hello, I would love to learn about what vitamins you are taking - especially to promote healthy egg quality. Also any lifestyle changes you've made. I can often go to the dark space of 'what if' so would love to hear about any tips you may have xx

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I take folic acid. And that's it... I think there's a book called "it started with an egg" which was a bit late for us but I think it promotes healthy lifestyle/eating etc to support improving egg quality.

Tips for 'what ifs'... blimey.... don't google? Don't panic? Remind yourself it's going to be ok? Tell your self what will be will be? Try and keep yourself busy so you don't think about it? I've tried all of these... they don't always work. 'What if' thoughts do happen. They crop up on you. Instead of trying to stop them I let myself have them - the positive giddy ones and the sad negative ones. But I use this lovely phrase: 'hope for the best...expect the worst'

AND I come here! Ask crazy questions and share my worries!

Good luck. Also I read Zita West's IVF book. It really helped. xx

_Rose_ in reply to emu2016

Thank you, have also been on the folic acid for a year and my IVF consultant said that's all you really need, my GP promoted bee propolis and Royal jelly and all other sorts! thanks for your tips, love your motto xx

emu2016 in reply to _Rose_

Royal Jelly? Never heard that one! x

Hidden in reply to _Rose_

The book I read said not to take royal

Jelly so I stopped but I don't know whether she's right or wrong she's not a doctor x

Tugsgirl in reply to _Rose_

I tried royal jelly for one cycle but I ovulated really late that month and had a really long cycle! By which time I'd gotten my hopes up too 😕 I stopped taking them immediately after I got my period x

_Rose_ in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks for sharing your experience x

Morning 7518, I am also at this stage and would have to agree on Zita's book, she has also done some UTube videos and holds webinars. I take a preconception vitamin with folic acid and other elements in. I'm trying to staying in a positive frame of mind by controlling what I can and what will be will be with what I can't, however that is hard! Hopefully this site will help you, it has certainly helped me xx

Thank you, it's a great forum for sharing and learning. My GP said to stay positive and that it what i intend to do X good luck and I'll be looking st the u tube clips xx

Hidden I took folic acid, calcium, coq10, vit d, zinc, omega 3 , I also took 3mg of melatonin from starting the injections. I don't know what's right or wrong or whether any of these things will help. I took some from reading the book it starts with egg. I also found the attached article online which you may find useful. I don't know if any of these things have made a difference for me this 2nd time . My consultant said you can't improve eggs no matter what you read so who knows. I have my call tomorrow to confirm if the 4 eggs I had fertilise out of 10 collected have made it to day 3 or can get to day 5. Last cycle I had 2 out of 13 get to day 3 and they were borderline. Good luck with everything x


I also watched Zita West webinar and she recommended a protein shake a day too x

I have that book it started with an egg. I wish i had it when I did ivf. I have the kindle version. Good luck xxx

I'm taking Floradix...its got the folic acid plus iron and the added b vitamins. I also take Calcium (with Vitamin D) and Flaxseed, as I'm a veggie and don't get enough omegas elsewhere x


Our clinic says folic acid and vitamin d but I'm also taking pre pregnancy vitamins on top.

smileovaries in reply to Hidden

I'm taking pre pregnancy vitamins which includes folic acid and also CoQ10 ubiquinol (not ubiquione) and also Omega 3. X

I take pre pregnancy vitamins includes folic acid vitamin D and zinc xx

Folic acid, fish oil, no caffeine and no alcohol, that's what I did before my successful round, not sure if it helped but made me feel like I was doing something.

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