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Acupuncture worth the money?

Hey everyone,

So just got a BFN on my final cycle of follicle tracking. Not too shocked as nothing particular has been happening over the last few cycles with Clomid and gonal F. Now on an IVF referral list.

Now I've got a bit of time out, I'm thinking of having some acupuncture. Got a bit of a shock at the cost though! Between £60-£45 in my area. Wondered if anyone thought it was worth it? Thanks!! X

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Hey Hun I think it's all a personal choice, I done accpunture for my last cycle and had it for 6 months paying around 50 pounds a weekly session and I got a negative. This cycle I am not doing anything, just having my first fertility massage today but nothing else. I feel like if you wanted to try it you should but if you feel like it's not doing anything for you don't feel guilty to carry on. X

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Well its hard to know whether its worth it or not really! Ive read lots of evidence that it does help but there's no way of knowing for sure! I had acupunture in my second cycle and did better although I didnt get my BFP (I also took DHEA as I have low AMH so either could have helped). Ive just started again with my new cycle beginning. If you are going to do it then make sure you get someone that specialises in fertility as I think that is important. Im paying £40 per treatment and having one per week (mine told me that any more frequent was unnecessary) which does mount up though I think if you have a chat to your acupuncturist she may offer you a deal with sessions etc if you are concerned about money or do it less frequently!xx

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I had it for my first (failed) cycle but I didnt enjoy it. Lots of girls said how relaxing it was but I hated it! i didnt find it relaxing and certainly couldnt have had a sleep on it like many have said. So I have stopped it had 2 more cycles although a BFN so im not much help to you really! with all the money spending on treatment the £40 a week i couldnt justify with something I didnt enjoy x


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