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More than slightly worried

My partner and I have our appointment with the urologist tomorrow to discuss whether or not he can do a sperm extraction procedure.

He's been for all his blood and genetic tests about five weeks ago but they wouldn't tell us the results until we go back to the consultant and because he's been on holiday this is his earliest appointment.

All they would say is not to worry about the results until then as if that was reassuring😟

I know how gutted we'll be if they say there is no point in doing the procedure because of some of the results. No sleep for me tonight 😞

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Hey there

I just thought that I would say hello as it sounds like we are in a similar situation. My DP has been diagnosed with azoospermia and we've got an appointment with a urologist on Friday. Scary times!

I'm trying my hardest to keep busy, throwing myself into work and the gym. Thinking of you and wishing you a world of luck for tomorrow xx


Thank you. They said it was azoospermia at our first urologist appointment but then sent him for more tests.

Apparently they can do the extraction as long as the FSH is under a certain level and he has negative genetic tests. If the FSH is too high he's said the chances of finding sperm would be 2% and so there is no point so hoping for a low number 🤞

Good luck for Friday. I hope it goes well for you both. Keeping busy is definitely the best idea, I've just got home from work which is always so busy that it's a great distraction.


Aww bless you fingers crossed for the low FSH and the negative genetic.

I hope you manage to get some rest tonight.

Glad you are occupied with work.

As I say good luck for tomorrow and hopefully we will have some positive news for the weekend xx



Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow. Try not to worry, sometimes it is just that the person on the phone isn't qualified to discuss the results.

Hub and I have been in your position so I completely appreciate the anxious wait


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Thank you.

I know you are right about the people on the phone and if I can wait 5 weeks then I can do one more night :)

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So unfortunately today's appointment did not go that well.

Good news that OH FSH is at the right level but bad news that they have scarily found a chromosome issue that might cause issues.

We now need to go and see a geneticist to discuss what this could mean for a pregnancy and reassuringly the consultant told us that this issue is so rare it's the first time he has seen it in 30 years.

Nothing is simple 😩



How are you?

I've been thinking about you the last couple of days and hadn't noticed your last post.

I'm so sorry to hear about the chromosome issue. Do you have an appointment to discuss? I'm glad to hear that the FSH was normal. What have they said. I really hope you get a follow up appointment quickly. All of this is so stressful. My heart goes out to you.

Our appointment went well and we have the microtese provisionally booked for the 24th may.

We are still awaiting on the results from the genetic tests. It's all going well and it's scaring me. Do I sound insane?! Xx


Aw thank you, it's lovely that you have been thinking about me.

I understand the fear, because things haven't gone well in the past you are probably just waiting for an issue. It's really positive that you have got a date for your OH's procedure though and it's only 4 weeks away which is fast and will fly in (hopefully)Then you can start planning for your part 😀

We have been referred to a genetic specialist but not got the appointment yet. It's an NHS geneticist and so we'll just have to wait and hope it isn't months.

Every time we go to the clinic they seem to hit us with new and terrifying information. I think that using my OH's sperm might now be unlikely given that they are referring us to a geneticist. They are clearly concerned that he could pass on this genetic condition and if the risk is more than slight then I won't take the risk. And the fact that the urologist has never seen this before makes me even more concerned that it will be an issue.

Oh well, onwards with the waiting game again...



Sorry it has taken me a little while to reply.

I'm so sorry to hear your news. This is such a rubbish roller coaster. I am genuinely thinking of you both. My heart goes out to you. I hope that you get the information that you need as quickly as possible.

Thanks for being supportive of us. I am thanking my lucky stars for where we are at the moment but I know there are no guarantees.

As I say I am thinking of you both. I hope you are looking after each other.

Loads of hugs xx

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