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Not sure what to do - cyst delayed thinning of lining

Hi everyone,

I'd appreciate your opinion on something as I can't decide what to do!

We're due to start our FET cycle after our fresh round in late January left me with OHSS and a freeze all. I went in for my baseline scan yesterday (day 3) and was told that there's a small functioning cyst on one of my ovaries, not a concern, but it looks like it's made my period lighter than usual as my lining is still too thick.

The nurse said that if I have a fair amount of bleeding over the next few days then it would be worth calling to come in for another scan as the lining may have thinned out enough and the FET could proceed.

Slight complication, I have flights booked to go to Aberdeen (from London) this afternoon and am due to stay up there until the end of the week. My husband and dog are already up there with family as we should have all gone together last weekend.

Now, it's only one day on but the bleeding I'm having is not normal for my day 4. I would usually have a fairly medium/heavy bleed over days 2-3 and then day 4 would be super light. As it is, I've had light/medium over days 1-3 and if anything it has been slightly heavier overnight and this morning.

I can't help but feel optimistic that my lining will thin out and it has all been fresh blood (which is a good sign). But at the same time, if I stay then I'm looking at spending the rest of the week on my own with the potential for further disappointment if I go in again and they say it's still not looking ready. The flight and train tickets will be lost.

I appreciate that you don't know what will happen anymore than I do, but can I please ask what you would do?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Thinking of you all and keeping tabs on your updates x

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That is a hard one to decide, as you said none of us will know the right answer but I would say if you go would you be forever wondering that it could have been this month you had the FET then regret waiting another month or if you do go I would go on the basis that this month wasn't it & you'll be prepared to wait till the next month and be 100% happy with that decision and just enjoy this time with your husband, it's such a hard choice hope you find the right answer for you xx


Thank you Laura. All the best for your ET today xXx


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