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What supplements to take while doing IVF?

Hi all,

I hope everyone is as well as can be? ❤

I just have a question ref supplements. I've always taken evening primrose oil, b vitamins and I've been taking folic acid for months now too. We are on day three of injections on our first ever ivf cycle (yey!🙌🏼) but what supplements should I carry on with? I'll obviously keep up the folic acid. But should I continue with the evening primrose oil? I've read that it can cause uterine cramps and not to take it throughout pregnancy? And what about the b vitamins? I didn't ask when at the clinic as I completely forgot with everything else going on!

What do you all take and what should I be taking? What do you all recommend?

Thanks ❤💉💉💉 xxxxx

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My wife would take "Natal Care" aswell during our IVF, also she took Omega 3


Thank you


We were told the two most important things were folic acid and vitamin d. I'm taking multi vitamins too but that's just personal choice I think. Hope all is going ok with the injections. X

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Thank you 💞 I'm all over the folic acid and vit d so hopefully I'm on the right track! 🤞🏼👍🏼 xx


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