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Gonal F success anyone?

Hey everyone,

I've been doing daily injections of 50iu of gonal F from days 3-9. Today is day 10 and I've just got back from a disappointing first scan - nothing to see yet.

I'm injecting gonal F for the first time this cycle after 4 months of clomid was mostly unsuccessful. Is it a bit early to be stressing? Feel like ovulation induction is getting me nowhere.


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Hi sb1234. Try not to stress too much, as your first scan is a guide. I'm sure if they thought nothing was happening they would increase your dose. The first go is always a bit of a learning curve. Hope it all turns out to be OK and of course for success. Diane

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Thanks Diane x


Try to be patient. It's a art trying to find the right dose so they usually start low so you do get over respond.

I was having IUI treatment for almost a year & had seven cycles cancelled due to over response, under response & cysts. I had 2 actual IUIs which were unsuccessful but just had my 3rd last week. This time my body reacted beautifully​ to the gonal F & I didn't even need any other drugs just straight to IUI in a week. Just got to wait now....

Try to stay positive it's still early days x


Thank you xx

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