Age concerns

Hello all,

Silly question...but do some of you worry that the longer the time spans between each stage, the older you're getting and the more it worries you?!

I'm 33 and have my Op booked in for July to remove my Fallopian tubes prior to IVF starting..with all that, I'm just so conscious I'll be nearer 34 (birthday in January) before it all even starts...and then there will be other waits and if it doesn't work (first, second, third time...)

I know 33 isn't 'that' old...but each stage seems to take so long...

Please feel free to tell me I'm being a t*t and that 33 isn't that old, and everyone has babies older nowadays, and it'll all be fine :-)


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  • Oh god I freak about my age all the time - you are Defo not along in feeling like this!

  • Phew thank you!

    Rubbish for us all, but at least that's one less thing i can over think...!!!


  • I'm 39 and you're not being a t*t at all! I worried in my earlier 30's too because I knew something was wrong then only finally got diagnosed with endometriosis at 35. Its natural but just try and keep in mind that you're doing all you can now and that's the main thing. Lots of luck xx

  • Thank you so much!

    Everything crossed for you too xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Oh my god totally the same! I turned 34 in January and was waiting for my FET to start, and had a complete meltdown! Perfectly normal! Xxx

  • Ha ha thank you!! xx

  • I worry too all the time, I was 30 when I first went to see my GP and now by the time I get to do my second round of ivf I'll be 33. It's such a long long process from start to finish and unless you can afford private then the wait continues x

  • Sucks that not only is the whole process stressful it also takes ages too!!

    Good luck! xx

  • I wouldn't be half as worried if I'd just turned 33 but I've just turned 37. Feel more like 47 at the moment lol. Our clinic says that age isn't an issue if you have good quality eggs. Good luck on your journey ๐Ÿ€

  • Yeah im also hoping the follicles will be a good number when i do it after easter

  • Oh thank you, that's good to hear!! xx

  • I feel like this too... I think it's only natural as when you're on this kind of journey you are so much more aware of everything than you would be if you weren't facing infertility. I'm only 30 but been on this journey since I was 26, people and doctors say to me 'but you have time on your side'.... doesn't make it any easier xxxx

  • No yht, it really doesn't does it...bless them for saying that though! xx

  • I'm 33 too! I also worry, but actually doctors have told me I'm quite young, so you shouldn't worry! โ˜บ I hope your operation goes well. All the best xx

  • Yay, we are young ;)

    Thank you! xx

  • You are not a tit. (Asterisk removed for impact! ๐Ÿ˜œ)

    Everyday I panic. I wish I'd panicked more at 28 when I knew something was wrong - maybe I'd have demanded tests earlier! Either way - because hindsight is amazing and I can't re-write history... I still feel it. Working out how old I'll be at what point and desperate to make sure I adopt at an early age setting ourselves timeframes.

    It's exhausting. But if you're a tit - I'm a tit. xx

  • Ha ha it is exhausting!

    We can be a pair of tits together ;)


  • That's fine by me! Quite the pair. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Xx

  • You are entitled to think what you want but you definately aren't old Hun. I didn't meet my husband until 34 so I def felt the pressure and all the looks from Dr's when they saw my date of birth. I am going to be an older mum at 39 for my first child but I don't care. My baby is so wanted we've planned for him for so long I think that's all that matters to me. The pressure with trying to conceive is around you regardless of age just don't waste your younger years whilst you are waiting for your little miracle would be my only advise lots of love xx

  • Thank you and congratulations!

    Lots of love back! xx

  • I definitely feel like this all the time, I'm 34 next week. Good luck with your op :)

  • Thank you! And happy birthday for next week! xx

  • It is scary I was booked in for a laparoscopy when I just turned 37 sept 2015 after 2-3 years trying and after various blood tests/sperm tests etc which were all fine. they cancelled on the day and said they wanted to do further tests on my partners sperm but they wanted him to wait four months and reduce/stop smoking drinking I was stressing that's another 4 months and why couldn't they just check my tubes in the meantime instead of cancelling . I think the process had taken so long and they get fined if take so long that they just wanted to start the whole thing again in his name coz none of it made sense, Specially as he had already had successful tests but different docs change minds so annoying she kept saying it's fine re age but I was getting more and more worried . His sperm was fine, they said will do ivf as you don't need tubes for that so no point risking that op, then after that there was further delay coz the ivf centre was moving so I eventually started IVF sept 2016 and age 38 it failed. The reason was my egg quality coz of my age. They said it's unlikely to work but they would support us if trying again if we wanted, but wouldn't recommend a 3rd time. I was due to start drugs on 29th march but now I have cysts so further delayed I have a scan today to see how to proceed. All this delaying is worrying as I'm 39 in 5 months. So I know how you feel. Least you are getting started much earlier and 33 isn't that old most of my friends had babies at that age. I wish I'd gone to the docs much sooner though. Good luck with everything xx

  • Sonsorry to hear all you've been through :(

    Good luck with your next round...I hope your cysts behave and go away and you can start soon xx

  • Hey I'm 33 turning 34 too and I worry all the time about it. It doesn't help that everyone including doctors tell you oh your still young..... and I'm thinking, yeah but it might not work first time, and then I did want the opportunity to have more than 1 ( that's gone out the window now no way am I going through all this again if I can have 1 I'll be over the moon!!!) and before you know it you are 40. Anyway I'm sure we are overthinking things as we always do!!! I'm sure we ll all look back on this one day and think about how lucky we are it all worked out xxx

  • You're absolutely right...future us will be laughing at us worrying right now!

    Good luck! xx

  • I wish I was 33!!!! At the clinic this week I asked the consultant is there anything else we could do as obviously as obviously a time machine was out of the question ..gave us both a chuckle. I feel most staff have referred to my age and my old eggs therefore I feel like Tugsgirl like I am more like 47 these days..hang in there xxx

  • Thank you and good luck! xx

  • I worry too I'm 32 in October already had 1 failed ivf and failed my frozen cycle too last week. Each year I think I'll have a baby by my next birthday but I never do! Just got to keep hoping and stop worrying. A lady at my work has had 2 babies in the last 3 years and she is now 43 xx

  • Everything crossed for is hrroble thinking that the next birthday will be a mummy one :(

    But that's reassuring about your colleague, thank you xx

  • Im turning 34 in july.had a failed cycle in January.starting again after easter.i had a good number of follicles last time.i hope age wont be a factor for me to worry about .but yeah i also worry that i age everyday .haha but im hopeful

  • Keep hopeful...that's the best way! Good luck xx

  • It's natural to worry! If it makes u feel better, I'm 45 and still haven't given up so 33 seems young to me but I do know the panic of feeling time is running out!!! U r doing all u can so that's all u can do and I wish u all the luck in the world xxx

  • Thank you, you too! xx

  • I'm 40 and get quite a lot of eggs but quality is the big issue by my age. Took a while to really accept that as I'm generally v healthy... Doesn't make a diff. But if it helps, I think age is really only a concern once you hit 35 and only starts nosediving from 38 in terms of quality. If your reserve (amh) is low that compounds it but if you're under 35 with a low reserve I still think you have a decent chance. Good luck x

  • Thank amh was 27 but I've only had the one test so far so hopefully it's still ok :s

    Good luck xx

  • Hi, I have read that the ideal age for a 1st pregnancy is up to 37. More than that you might consider undergoing ivf with pgs ngs in case of ivf failures or more advanced maternal age. Good luck

  • Not at all LiLi.... my wife is 38 and this will be our first, we stared treatment in November last year.... so don't lose hope. We will support you all the way. The wife is now 13 weeks, feel free to inbox if you wish to ask anything else

  • Thank you so much :-)

    Congratulations and good luck! xx

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