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Well then. Just had a call from the embryologist- from 17 eggs collected only 2 have made it to day 3 and look ok enough to transfer. They aren't candidates for extended culture or freezing so the plan is for both to go back in at 11am. I feel very sad and deflated that of 17 eggs only these two have made it this far... I'm wondering what we did wrong. Anyway - I'm off to get dressed and drink a vat of tea and water so my bladder is full as requested. Will check in with y'all afterwards and let you know how I'm doing and any more details if I have them.

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  • Good luck maikai, it only takes one! Xx

  • Just think of the positives, you have 2 embryos ☺️ that's great news like LBM1979 said it only takes one. Good luck x

  • Good luck!

  • Good luck for the transfer and the 2WW. X

  • I had 20 collected & only 1 made it to day 3, currently 9w6d, it really does only take one!! Putting 2 back will hopefully give you your BFP, wishing you all the best xx πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€

  • hi Maikai, hope your transfer went well and your little ones are safely where they belong. I can imagine you would be disappointed but please don't think that you did anything wrong. I only got 4 eggs, 3 of which fertilised and 2 made it to top grade which I had transferred last Weds and got my BFP today. As everyone will tell you, it only takes one so stay strong. Best wishes for the 2ww xx

  • Good luck! I only had two fertilised out of 7 eggs collected. Stay positive! Xx

  • Wishing you the best of luck Maikai.... it sad knowing it all of them never made the cut as it wer but try and focus on the two that did. As I say hope all goes well and look forward to further updates , you've done ever so well to get this far

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