2ww now driving me crazy

Started with brown discharge today. I'm 7dp5dt and test day Fri. Up to last few days have had cramps and very sore boobs and now nothing so freaking out and had a meltdown proving to myself just how much I want this. OH been so supportive and said if it doesn't work we'll just have to 'go at it like rabbits ' trying naturally. I just can't help feeling that with a 'hand picked' sperm and a top grade blastocyst (grade 4) if it doesn't work this way why would it work any other way? I've had bad toothache and need a root canal filling in 2 weeks on top of everything else so just feeling sorry for myself. Good luck to everyone on the 2ww for those 2 magical lines xx

3 Replies

  • Good luck for Friday, really hoping you get your BFP. x

  • Try and keep calm it could be implantation still, wishing you luck for Friday! And what the heck just go at it like rabbits which ever way the outcome!

  • Everything crossed for you for BFP on Friday xxx

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