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Throwing this out there

So I have a tendency to overthink things and get myself in a tiz over nothing so I'm just wondering if people have opinions.

The fertility tests before all of this showed that my DH's swimmers were the reason for our unsuccessful 3.5 years of trying - not quite enough of them, those that were there had a slightly elevated number of abnormally shaped friends and those that were ok didn't really know which direction to go in. So with this in mind ICSI was recommended.

For all intents and purposes there was no issue on my side - so here's the question - with the problem being with his lil guys not being able to hit the target should I be more optimistic that this whole thing will be successful once (God willing) one of my 7 fertilised eggs manage to be an embryo and get put back.

I'll be honest - im having a little freak out today. Not sure why - but fairly certain that being home alone is not helping at all as my tiny little mind is running wild

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I hear you on the winding yourself up with overthinking and worrying. I think I am already at supreme master level right now and I'm not even down regging yet.... 🙄.

We're in a similar position and doing ICSI. It was my preference to do 50/50 before we knew our swim team was not Olympic standard anyway (I'm paying for it so I want to have the best chance of getting an embryo that I can!!) so I'm pragmatic and pleased that our consultant has said ICSI all the way.

I'm worrying more that the embryo might not progress or be great quality but then that could happen anyway. My acupuncture therapist has two IVF babies and one is 'natural' and one is ICSI. Both lovely and healthy boys. She said she went 50/50 with the second round and her ICSI embryo was the best quality one in the end, so...!

As with all of this, it's just stay positive and hope for the best outcome! xx

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hi there

im in the same boat as yourself, my partners swimmers sound just like your SO! IVF is on the cards for us if it hasn't improved with vitamins and general health and im feeling very hopefull as ive heard these treatments are so much easier and go smoother when the women is 100% ok! they will pick the best swimmer for our healthy eggs and should all be ok!

best of luck my love xx

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No issues with my OH swimmers bit we were unexplained.

Went for IVF ICSI split 50/50.

All our IVF crashed and burned after day 3. All ICSI went to blastocyst stage. Froze two implanted two.

Currently 8 weeks pregnant. 👌🤞😊

I champion ICSI all the way. Sometimes a bit of force is good for the sperm and eggs if they won't play nicely together! Best of luck xx


Hi Maikai. I think I remember that some of your eggs retrieved were fertilised with ICSI and a few of them are viable?? I had you down for embryo transfer tomorrow? The best of your husband's sperm would have been used to fertilise your eggs, so really it is all down to implantation. At least, if I am right, by tomorrow 1 or 2 of your embryos will be safely on board where they belong. I have been thinking about you, and have everything crossed that all goes well tomorrow and succeeds! Diane

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I don't know if it makes a difference to your chances, but my mind did the same to me. I'm in a similar situation to yourself, and I was thinking all the same things you've written. We just did our first ICSI last month, and it was unsuccessful. We only had 1 embryo viable for transfer though, and none suitable for freezing.

I know that is basically the opposite of what you want to hear, and you should try to stay positive, but also try to stay realistic, or these next 2 weeks will put you off your head. :(

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