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Blood spotting after ET

So I had my ET yesterday afternoon and since then I've been spotting. It is quite mild and only noticeable when I wipe after peeing (apologies if tmi). Has anyone else had this? This is my second icsi treatment and the first time round I didn't have any bleeding at all, however, now I bled for 36 hours after EC (which was horrific). And now bleeding again after transfer. I had two good embies transferred (just praying that they are sticky). I just hope the bleeding isn't a bad sign.

Apologies for the long question but as you can tell - 2ww madness is already kicking in

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Hi lisaboyle86.I can fully understand your concerns, but hopefully it is just down to the aftermath of pulling and clamping that goes on during transfer. Try and have a rest when you can, Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water too. Hope all soon settles down again. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane.


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