A confusing bfp

Hi ladies! Hoping for some wisdom and reassurance here!

I have been having my usual AF symptoms for the last week now, following exactly the same pattern as usual and with usual brown discharge that I have. I was absolutely certain that AF was here but just being held back by the cyclogest so I tested this morning (two days early, otd is Friday) to put me out of my misery so I could move on.

To my complete bafflement I got a bfp!!

I am now concerned as both Monday and yesterday I had gushes of a load of black/brown clots come out. Surely this can't be good?! I'm worried that those clots were the embryo coming out and that there's just some hormones left lingering in me enough to give me a positive this morning. But then it was old dark blood so surely if it was old then there wouldn't have been high enough levels left from that old event to give me a positive this morning...I just don't know!!

Anyone heard of something similar happening and the baby being ok?

Thanks in advance lovelies xxxx

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  • I haven't been in this situation but I have seen ladies on bleed and get positives and carry baby full term.

    The brown blood is old blood and the black blood might be uterus lining where the embryo implanted. Don't quote me on that as I'm not medical!!!

    Personally I think if you were losing the pregnancy the bleeding would be heavier and you would be in agony. Although my sister and me both bled heavily early in our pregnancies and our babies were fine.

    I think you should call your clinic to get some reassurance. Or failing that contact your GP.

    Finally want to say a huge congratulations to you and wish you the very best with the pregnancy.


  • Thank you so much Jess. I'm already waiting on a call back today from my consultant as I called the clinic yesterday panicking about the clots! So hopefully will hear from them today. Thanks again for your kind words xxx

  • It could be old blood from implementation hun but the only way of knowing for sure is to wait to see if the bleeding turns into red and to do a blood test to check your actual hormone levels.. but many have had brown discharge before or after BFP so there's every reason to be hopeful I think!! Fingers crossed!! xoxo

  • Thank you Nesfin. I am going to be on pure knicker watch all day πŸ˜‚ Don't think I'll be getting much work done!! Just really hope I have no more clots and the cramps calm down. Hormone test is a good shout, will try and wangle one. Thank you for your help xxx

  • The knicker watch will never go away lol Just get hcg levels tested, they should give it to you especially if you complain about the bleeding snd cramps. Hang in there!! xoxo

  • Hey,

    I think as long as what you pass is brown or dark and not red fresh blood then you don't need to be worried.

    I have heard that sometimes the pessaries can irritate the cervix which can cause old blood to be released?

    Maybe you could call your clinic just for a little reassurance?

    Congratulations on your BFP 😊 xxx

  • Thanks Amanda :) Pessaries are going up back door haha so it can't be that. Fingers crossed it doesn't go red like you say. I'll def try to speak to someone today! Thanks again xxx

  • Like the others have said hopefully implantation bleeding and old blood. Put your feet up and rest xx

  • Thanks button, I really hope so! How is your 2ww going? Xxx

  • Going insane lol. I really don't think my cycle has worked x

  • I know that feeling!!!! hang in there, you never know what will happen. good luck xxx

  • OMG this is such a good board this morning! All these BFP!! πŸΎπŸŽ‰ not to sound repetitive, but I've only had implantation bleed once, and it sounded very similar to that. if it's not fresh and red and cramping, I think you can celebrate your bfp β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘

  • Thanks so much misswinky that is great to hear!! How is your little man doing? Xxx

  • He's doing good thanks πŸ‘πŸ» One day at a time ❀️ Thank you for asking xx

  • I want to say congratulations...... please keep us posted and good luck. Hopefully this is your time! 🀞 x

  • Eeek I so hope so! Thank you tugsgirl! Hope you and your bean are well xxx

  • From the colour it sounds like old blood so congratulations on you BFP!xx

  • Thank you lovely! Hope you are doing well xxx

  • I count that as a bfp. Congrats x

  • Thanks so much! I have calmed down a bit and am now cautiously optimistic! How are you doing? Xxx

  • It's still sinking in. Starting to use the p word πŸ˜ƒ. But to get to this stage it's taken three tests! Next hurdle heartbeat scan on the 12th

  • Ahh that's lovely, not too long to wait now until the scan! I have done 4 tests now in 24 hours πŸ™ˆ Xxx

  • I find myself telling the most random people because it's too early to tell any proper people!

    I think I'm done peeing on sticks this week. Might do one next week because the constant cramps are a bit scary. Not full on af cramps but not far off them

  • oh you're doing very well to have cut down on the tests. Try not to worry about the cramps, all of my obsessive googling tells me that's normal :)

    Ha yes I am going on holiday shortly after when our 7 week scan would be (as long as all is well) so I'll be blabbing it to all the hotel staff!! xx

  • well if you don't tell all waitresses and waiters etc they keep giving you food you can't eat like runny eggs.

  • Hey I had all the normal signs and brown discharge up to when my last period was due but I got a natural BFP. Congrats lovely and look after yourself xxx

  • Thank you Allie! Hope you are doing well and school isn't too stressful xxx

  • Well done on the BFP!!! Im not sure about the blood so its always best to check with the clinic. I know my sister had bleeding for a good few weeks into her pregnancy which resulted in a beautiful bouncing boy. Fingers crossed hun xxx

  • Thank you! They didn't seem too concerned but didn't want to comment until I'd tested on my otd which is tomorrow. So I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed. Big congrats to you on your bfp too!!! Xxx

  • Aw huge congrats to you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ bleeding can be completely normal for some people so try not to worry, easier said than done, I know. If you want to put your mind at ease a little keep testing with tests like frers and the line should get darker and darker which helps ease the anxiety. I hope your clinic have been good with you and answered all your questions xx

  • Thank you lovely, that is a good idea although not sure my husband will humour that level of obsessing for too much longer haha! πŸ™ˆ How are you doing? I really hope you are ok and have some treats and nice things planned. Lots of love xxx

  • Fantastic news! Many congratulations 😊 xx

  • Bleeding seems fairly common in very early pregnancy!! Great that u have a BFP!! Definitely get your bloods done if u can to put your mind at rest xxx

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