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Appointment Monday

Hi All,

So we have had our last test before we get referred to Manchester. I rang up the hospital today to check the results. After 3 tests previous, the lady already confirmed what we knew however i feel it is slightly better news.

The first time they said my partner had very low counts the second time they said none! Obviously they are both bad but there is a dfifferenc between low and none.

i rang up today and asked for her to confirm the recent results. She said they were very low but some could be seen as active

Although it is bad news i feel better knowing there are some cells!

Fingers crossed i get all the information i need on Monday and then we can push on to the next step.

Hope you all get some good luck ladies xx

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That's great. Good luck x


Good luck for Mondays appointment 🍀🍀 x


Button-123 Leesalou

Thanks ladies

just been to the app this morning

The lady said the levels were really low. Emphasis on really.

She said my OH sample showed very few active cells.

I do feel slightly better though as once we were told there was 0 so this is an improvement.

She is transferring us now to St Marys where we will have to have all the tests to see why the levels are so low.

Fingers crossed we aren't waiting for ages

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Thanks for the update glad you've had a slight improvement.

Good luck with your further test. Keep us posted xx


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