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Advise Please


Hello All,

Hope everyone is keeping well, so as most of you lovely people will know, we had a BFP some time ago now. Today the wife is 10 weeks, and we will be attending our first hospital appointment with a midwife. We have been told to allow 3 hours for the appointment. I do not think they will be doing a ultrasound today tho. ( I assuming they will go through various paperwork and quite possible some tests), is there anything else that we should be asking during this appionment?

Thanks all

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Hi Sanj, unfortunately I have no experience with this but just wanted to say hi, and wow 10 weeks already! time has really flown, so glad to hear all is going ok 😘 Send my love to your wife xxxx

Hi Sanj, is it a midwife appointment (usually at your GP surgery) or a scan appointment (at the hospital)? If it is your first midwife appointment, it will be your booking appointment where, as you rightly say, the midwife will go through all the paperwork with you and ask you lots of questions about your's and your family's health and medical backgrounds, both physical and mental. They will ask you where you want to have your baby (assuming you have a choice), weigh and measure your wife and explain all the tests, screenings and procedures to you. It's a lot to take in! I've been such a pin cushion recently that I can't remember if they took bloods at my booking appointment or not, but if they are saying to allow 3 hours, then I assume they are doing everything. They will probably cover all this, but I would just make sure you find out all the contact numbers, including the delivery suite in case you need to contact a midwife out of hours, and that you are clear on all the options that are open to you in terms of the birth so that you can start to think about it and talk about it now.

I think that's all that happened at mine, but if I think of anything else I will add it - my brain is literally like a sieve at the moment, I even forgot what side of the road to drive on the other day!

Good luck to you both - it's a very, very exciting time! X

sanj76 in reply to MonkAK

Hi Monkak,

We had attended this afternoon and everything you have mentioned was spot on. We now have a our First scan end if the month, this will be what they refer to as a "date scan", after that the next one will be 16 weeks, this will be to determine thngs like health if baby, Down syndrome risks etc.

We briefly spoke about classes that me and the wife should consider attending. All in all, it went very well and we received support and information to begin the next stage.

Thanks again. Hope your keeping well

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