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BFP after IVF - 34 week scan


Hi All,

I just wanted to check in since its been a few months. After having our first round of IVF at the start of August I'm just about to go for a growth scan at 34 weeks, as bump is measuring on the large side, despite a negative GTT.

We found out we're having a boy too! Our fertility treatment centre recommended a private company in London, which can test for all chromosome abnormalities, including Downs Syndrome, from a quick sample of blood, and tell the baby's sex at the same time. It was quite pricey, but definitely took the stress out of wondering what we'd do if we had to consider having an amnio.

All through this journey, and even now as we're about to go to our 1st ante-natal class, I haven't stopped worrying about something. I'm not sure if that's my natural personality, or due to the physical and emotional stress of IVF!

I always knew how fortunate my husband and I were to have been successful on the first attempt, but as our boy is almost here I feel it even more and I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck


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That's wonderful! Thank you for sharing. And no, it isn't just you, I think us ivfers want to enjoy our pregnancies as much as anyone else, it's just harder for us x

So much energy, both physical and emotional, is invested, isn't it? I think that those who are fortunate enough to catch quickly and naturally perhaps take things for granted (maybe unfair of me to say so, but when younger I never considered that getting pregnant would be difficult, and always assumed since it is the most natural thing in the world for a woman that it would be all plain sailing - how naïve)


No, I think you're right x

Thanks so much for sharing this is great and these messages give such hope..good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx

I was offered the down syndrome test a few times by the midwife I told them please don't ask me again I love my baby no matter what and the midwife respected my decision xxx don't worry you love your baby xxx

It was certainly something that we discussed at length, and as long as the clinical team respect how you feel as the parents, and don't try to influence you either way then that is the main thing x

Hi there! I am just 4 weeks behind you and also with a boy after a successful first round of IVF :-) I can definitely relate to the constant worrying, but I found as the weeks progress and the baby's kicking intensifies, I am becoming more relaxed. Or maybe it is now the focus on preparations for labour and baby's arrival that takes over. I hope you enjoy your last few weeks with your bump before birth and wishing you the very best of luck for the big day and beyond! :-) xx

Congratulations to you also! I too find the kicking and movements reassuring. There is definitely so much to do, and things think about it the final few weeks it does help keep the mind focussed.

I hope everything goes smoothly for you too; it's all very exciting now! xx

I know exactly how you are feeling and felt the exact same. My labour was very long and ended in an emergency c-section (my little guy was just too comfortable!) and I remember crying to the midwife saying "I just feel like I'm never going to meet my baby". You will not be able to stop the worrying and I think it is all perfectly natural, we have gone through so much to make these little people! Try to just take it one day at a time and enjoy those glorious kicks and wriggles. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx

Congratulations & all the best with the remainder of your pregnancy xxx

Hey we hope you're doing well!! I'm struggling with issues to conceive but I can push through! Hope you're well!!!

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