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Starting the process, appreciate some light on the situation


Hello everyone.

I have an appointment with GP tomorrow to say that we are going to go ahead with my partners tests. She said that can take upto 4 months.

So, my question is, if I say I'd like to go ahead with my tests with the GP, how long will it take?

I had a HSG in November, I had another scan in December, and I have all my files showing I have endometriosis, Adenomyosis, hydrosalpinx, PCO and PID. So we know what state my tubes are in, I have no cilia left its all damaged, which was confirmed in surgery last year.

Will they make me do all these tests again if I make it to the fertility clinic? Or will I just do bloods etc?

I'm scared to go ahead with this as I'm scared they'll say I don't qualify on the NHS once the tests are done. But then again at least I'll know.

Thank you in advance xx

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Do you meet your ccg nhs funding criteria?

I've not heard of results alone stopping you qualifying for nhs funding but then different ccg have different criteria.

My repeat tests were blood for HIV and hepatitis. Blood to check ovulation and smear and chymidia (can't spell it!). No other tests on my endo or tubes but at the clinic had a baseline scan to check follicles and lining before treatment.

Husband did a semen test and then we were referred.

MeganMae in reply to emmab178

Thank you for replying!

We do meet the criteria, except my only worry is my partner is Spanish and someone once said he should have been living here for 3 years, which he hasn't. But my GP knows this and is still putting us forward so maybe it won't be a problem!

emmab178 in reply to MeganMae

No idea on that one, sorry. There's a lot of paperwork to fill in and I think we had to produce passports as proof of ID and our NHS numbers.

Not sure for your particular case but I think a lot of clinics like blood tests to be within 6 months.with your other tests I would expect that they will accept them as valid. I hope u r accepted...would be a bit silly of your gp to refer u if your partners citizenship is in question-I'm sure gp would have said,

I'm not much help on advice but wish u good luck xxx

MeganMae in reply to 72cloud9

Thank you for replying, you are helpful, a friendly word is always enough!

They cancelled my apppointment so have to wait until April now :( xx

emu2016 in reply to MeganMae

I just can't believe the Dr cancelled and you have to wait so long! :( xx

72cloud9 in reply to MeganMae

Oh no! What a pain!! Keep yourself busy to make the time go quicker x

Hi MeganMae, sorry, this isn't a direct reply to your question, but I was initially in touch with you about 6 months ago when I'd replied to say what a great post you'd written to Martoosha regarding total peritoneal excision of endometriosis/surgery Yorkshire. I think you were a few months on post surgery at that stage and sent her a fab outline of what the surgery entailed. I'd got in touch to apologise as I knew you'd put out a post asking if anyone had had TPE with Mr T in Yorkshire and hadn't received replies and I felt awful not to have been there to help you when I'd gone through that process myself.

I saw some recent posts from you and I just wanted to say hello and ask how things were going with you, I really hope you continued to see improvement from Mr T's surgery? I had about 8 months of really good recovery and even quite a few pain-free days which were amazing, unfortunately I threw myself into 3 back to back IVF cycles which had a very detrimental effect. I flew back from Australia to see Mr T in Yorkshire over Christmas and he reassured me that the IVF would have had a bad effect and put me back, but seemed confident it was just a blip! Fingers crossed as things still not great but I have faith in him.

How are you doing? I see that you're looking into IVF now - I've already had 5 failed cycles and am so fed up, am now looking more into the donor egg route as the next stage...this process never ends does it! I'm sorry not to have been in touch, I saw your name pop up in a post recently and I remembered it so I just wanted to say hello and check in with how you are doing.

A lot of your posts make a lot of sense about 'real friends' and do people really understand what you're going through, it can be a very lonely process can't it, but we are very strong women and we will find a way though, I promise. I really feel for you, if ever you need anyone to chat to, just drop me a note, we've had similar experiences what with the TPE surgery and now IVF, so if you need to chat to someone who knows a little bit how you're feeling then just message me anytime. Good luck with everything from here on in, really hope it's all successful for you and you're feeling brighter. Sara x

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