Sharp pains!!!

So I'm 7dp5dFET transfer and test day is getting scarily close ... this morning have had sharp shooting pains in my tummy 😫😫 no bleeding! Just preying everything is ok! Has anyone else experienced this and still got a bfp??? The pains have now gone .. but have a low aching feeling in my tummy!!! Slightly concerned 😒😒

Hope everyone is doing ok??


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  • Hi lovely I remember having twinges and some sharp pains on my fresh cycle, i think it's perfectly normal and we are highly sensitised to pick up on the slightest niggle as it means so much to us! I'm sure I'll be exactly the same in a few weeks after our FET! Try and rest up, get stuck into a good box set, maybe take paracetamol if it's quite bad? Thinking of you xxxx

  • Thank you hunni, yep resting up today, dinner being cooked by my mum and watching rubbish to lol xx good luck with your treatment, look forward to hearing your progress and of course your bfp xxxxx

  • Ooh sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon πŸ‘ŒThanks huni will keep you posted xxx

  • Hi smithha - I remember some really sharp pains around this time on my first cycle. All sounds positive so far! Call your clinic for reassurance if you need to though. Good luck with the rest of your 2ww x x x

  • Thank you lovely xxx hope your doing ok?? Xxxx

  • I'm giood thanks, a bit up and down but we'll get there x x x

  • All the meds etc can cause all sorts of symptoms but also cramping can be a good sign!! Like others have said rest up and fingers crossed for u that u get ur BFP xxx

  • Thank you xxxxxx

  • Good luck Smithha xx

  • Thank you xxxx

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