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synechiae.. infertility sentence?

the results of the analysis came today ..and ultrasound check up proved synechiae inside my womb now.. that's awful .. I don't understand how I'm going to overcome all that.. Can someone give a piece of advice on this disease? Is it curable? or am I sentenced to complete infertility now? they say it might have happened as a result of surgical interference that caused the mechanical trauma of the womb lining.. and earlier treated endometritis added to it... inflammation process could have made that things get bigger (as far as I understood that)? I've found lots of information on the internet, but different sites say different things.. It's really hard to know what to believe.. What is the way out here?

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oh hon, it's not the best news..i'm so sorry for that. I know no one with this thing, but i have read about it and there is a cure. I don't know if there are 100% guarantees you'll be ok after treatment. anyway, I hope you'll find a way out and someone could give you advice on what to do. I'm here ready to support you x


Hi crlnbr, so sorry to hear that. adhesions is a very complicated and many-sided problem. You'd better ask your doctor for advice and possible ways of treatment. sure, it's a very friendly community and you can get much support here, but still you need medical treatment. Have your doctor advised you to treat adhesions surgically? as far as I know, they usually remove adhesions by means of hysterescopy and it's quite an effective method. but in the meantime it can guarantee that new adhesions won't emerge. Hormonal and therapeutic treatment shall also be prescribed.

Don't say that infertility is your verdict now. Much depends on the stage of endometriosis and on how your body will react for treatment. It's a dramatic struggle, but still you have much chance for a healthy pregnancy.


Hi crinbr. Basically, “synechiae” is a posh word for adhesions or scar tissue. This sometimes happens after surgery, or miscarriage, where a slightly “raw” edge can stick to another part. However, if this is found, then the consultant should be able to separate it during the procedure. If a developing embryo should “snuck” under one, then, the fibrous nature of the synechiae can prevent growth and sometimes end up pushing the embryo out if it fails to stretch. Perhaps requesting a hysteroscopy (womb x-ray) will serve to provide a complete “map” of your uterus, which is good to have when deciding where to place embryos. However, on a more serious note, I feel you need to ask to be referred to someone who is a specialist in this field, to see whether surgery might help, obviously depends upon the severity of it all. On a positive note I have spoken to a few ladies with this condition, one without surgery and two with, who all became pregnant and had live births. Just wanted to wish you huge luck with this, and of course for success. Diane


Huge thanks ladies for your advice here.. It made me calm down a bit.. I've been so overwhelmed with the negative emotions after I got the news that was going a bit crazy.. I would investigate more about the problem.. that's really the consequence of my last miscarriage, I believe.. .. but there's still a question about the doctors attitude? probably, I'd better look for another specialists.. I'm confused..


oh hun i cant give advice as i dont know anything about this but dont fear complete infertility yet until u get more explanation from the doctors. science is so amazing nowadays and there are so many ways to become a mother also even if not always the way we would expect so dont lose hope xxx


this is very upsetting, your news. I think that it is better to do a proper check up once more to see what it looks like and whether it can be treated as Diane advised. From my part I would like to wish you all the best and maybe in the future you will get pregnant and have beautiful kids as some of the women with the same condition! wishing you luck!

please update!



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