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Looking for some advice or someone similar..... I am very fit and active, training 5 times per week - usually Crossfit, weight lifting, running. I have stopped powerlifting due to the potential extra strain on my body as advised by my acupuncturist. Just wondering what exercise advice others have been given.... I am a naturally bigger girl and use exercise to help manage stress and anxiety so cannot stop completely..... Any comments or advice appreciated. Thanks xx

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  • I read somewhere that using a cross trainer wasn't good because of the bouncing especially during IVF. Apparently your follicles don't like it. Also running but that's not as bad as a cross trainer. Yoga is good though, sounds different to the workouts you do but might be worth a try, good for stress levels too.

  • Hello! Also very much into my training & think it really helps manage stress which is a good thing - I used to excersise 5 times a week - was advised by docs it was too much, have reduced to 3 times a week, I still deadlift, squat & do upper body weights each week & hiit/cardio

    I don't lift as heavy as I used to - no more than body weight, I just mess around with reps & sets, I am doing an IVF cycle at present - after egg collection & for the 2ww I will not train at all only walk for 30mins a day. Zita west has some advice on u-tube, hope this helps xxxx

  • I trained for and completed London Marathon in July. I love training but am conscious it could be having a negative effect and no one I have spoken to has been able to give any advice. Thanks for the You Tube suggestion, hadn't thought of looking there! Xx

  • Hi overtherainbow22. I think you should modify your exercising a little, as it does tend to boost testosterone levels, which you don't want extra of when trying to concevie. Perhaps swimming, walking and a bit of "gym" time?? Good luck! Diane

  • This is a difficult one overtherainbow22! As with most things to do with (in)fertility there is always more than one answer so it's not straight forward. A guest blogger wrote an informative blog on exercise & the WHO recommendations recently on my website that you might find helpful. It does sound like you may be doing a little too much and as Casbah suggested, yoga is very beneficial for stress levels as well as walking on a regular basis. Good luck to all!

  • Can you post a link to your website please? Xx

  • Hi, of course, if you Google My Fertility Specialist (dot com) you'll find it x

  • I did a tai chi class and found it was excellent for my stress/anxiety levels. I also did a fair amount of Cardio too (albeit I stopped during our round of IVF). It's so easy to overthink all these things and wonder if they are impacting on our ability to conceive but women all over the world exercise and continue to fall pregnant naturally! x

  • I'm going to look at the suggested links and then sit down with one of my coach's and have a look at my training plan to keep me active and my stress managed but to try and be aware of my body more. I love pushing myself to my limits so it's very frustrating! You see top athletes getting pregnant so it's very confusing! Xx

  • I'm also very active with a mix of weight training, running and HIIT

    I've never been told to stop be anyone. I've just started my nasal spray but have never had advice to change what I was doing only that I may feel really bloated after collection and insermination and to take it easy during that time.

    Is this wrong then?

  • Hi Loobee! I don't know to be honest! My acupuncturist advised me to stop powerlifting which I did in January and I am concerned regarding the intensity of my workouts having a negative effect on fertility - swimming & yoga just doesn't cut it for me.... To me they are recovery activities! So I asked the question to try and find out what others thought / knew / had been told.

    We've just failed our Clomid #3 / Cycle 27 so really trying to tick all boxes. I've been told that when doing IUI/IVF the advice is to minimise activity so your body can focus on the task in hand.... Xx

  • It's a hard one eh. People say if you keep active your pregnancy and labour will be easier as well as helping your body bounce back afterwards.

    I might cut back a bit but I'm definitely keen to keep active throughout. Did a LBT class today and enjoyed that so might try things like this instead

    Good luck to you πŸ’•

  • Hello

    I think this topic is confusing too. I've gone from training hard to not training and I'm now heavier than I would like to be - and not pregnant with either way!

    I have been advised to reduce the stress that excessive exercise puts on the body and to avoid running (my favourite thing) as this makes the body go in to 'fight or flight mode' and thinking there may be danger rather than being comfortable to conceive. I guess it makes sense. Maybe just moderate your activity but don't stop if your body is used to it and you enjoy it xx

  • Wow I wish I can drag myself to be that fit.... I only do a smudge of what you do. My wife dies encourage me to do more but we've both healthy eaters and do walk around our block fur a good half hour, 20 mons light jog in the mornings in front of the box before heading if to work.

  • You sound just like me, I go to the gym 5 times a week usually with my partner. Very similar to what you are doing. I was advised to cut down the gym time to give your body to adjust to the drugs without confusing your body even more with exercise hormones. I chose to stop all gym activity as soon I started my injections on ivf. I even cancelled my membership so I wasnt tempted as my partner was still going. I did start swimming but I agree with you on that, plus I don't enjoy it as much. I am looking at going back to gym or at least training at home with extra light weights and light cardio as I am now 7 weeks pregnant as I want to stay as active as possible. I guess its down to personal choice and what suits you and your body plus treatment best! Ask your fertility clinic as all treatment cycles are suited to individual couples. Good luck in finding what you want!! Stacie xx

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