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New to the site and after advice

Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone had gone through a similar experience to me and could shed some light on the situation.

I have been on clomid tables (150mg) for my last 2 cycles and it has had no effect on me at all. I also have to take northisterone as I don't have a period naturally and my fsh levels are extremely low. I have now been moved onto a tablet called letrozole to see if this works, but I feel that if the clomid tablets haven't worked then these won't work either. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or if anyone knows a thing about the tablets any information of your experiences would be great. I've tried googling but it's just a mine field.

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Hi Em, and welcome to the board! I'm sure like me you'll find it a great source of support.

I'm afraid my situation was a little different to yours but I can share my experience of clomid and that of a friend of mine.

I have low ovarian reserve and was put on clomid for 3 months. I only managed 2 months of them as I was doubled over in agony whilst on them, my periods were horrific on them so much so that the pain made me projectile vomit and I couldn't stand up straight - sorry for the tmi! I took myself off them after 2 months as I couldn't take any more.

My friend however who had PCOS and was prescribed clomid took them at the prescribed dose for month - nothing happened, month 2 she upped her dose on her own and fell pregnant with her first child who is now 2... she had some clomid left over so took them of her own accord and now has a second child. I'm not suggesting you up your own dose as it could be dangerous, just sharing info. ;-)

So it would seem that we all have very different reactions to clomid. Maybe it takes a while for some, in which case hopefully it will begin to work for you.

Best of luck for your journey hun. Xx 😊


Hi there. I am no expert but I believe that Letrozole is often more successful for women who do not respond to Clomiphene, which is why doctors will often offer the swap from one to the other. As I understand it, they work slightly differently, so you may well go on to ovulate and fall pregnant with Femara (letrozole) even if Clomid has had no effect.

I was on 50mg Clomid for 6 months and although I was ovulating, I was never successful. More tests and my grand old age (!) meant I was not considered a candidate for these types of medication and we are doing IVF in May.

I wish you all the very best and hope the pills work their magic!!


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