Change of situation... BFP!

Hi ladies...

I've been so sad since this morning and you have all been so wonderful sending me cheering messages about the BFN, which I got from the pee test.

Well the hospital just called and guess what?

I have a HCG level of 449mIU... I couldn't believe it when the nurse told me that I was pregnant!

Actually I had two calls and I stressed when I heard it was the hospital again. I was like, "Oh no... it was a mistake!"... but the pregnancy is confirmed a second time. It was just to increase my dose of Eltroxin for my thyroids.

Phew... what a morning!!

Thank you all for your constant support!!! HUGS!! xxx

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  • Omg! That's great news! All clinics should follow up with a blood test! Mine doesn't! X

  • Mine doesn't either, it's a little concerning really 😳 x

  • Wow that's amazing!!! Congratulations 🎊 totally agree with Tugsgirl, blood tests should be done routinely. It just shows how inaccurate pregnancy tests can be! Xxx

  • It scares me that my clinic tell me to stop all meds if you get a negative urine test! X

  • Exactly!!! That's a fair point. My clinic have just changed their policy and now do a blood test for fresh and frozen cycles. They only done a blood test for your fresh cycle before and pregnancy test for any frozen cycles. This just proves why blood tests are so important! Xxx

  • Considering I'm supposed to take meds for the first 12 weeks on a bfp I wonder what harm could be done if you stop medication prematurely if you get a bfn on a hpt?? My test date is only 11dp transfer too X

  • Sorry Krikri i don't mean to hijack your good news but seeing your post has got me wondering why my clinic doesn't do blood tests to be 100% sure x

  • No worries at all! We're all here for each other whatever the news hun! XXX

  • What meds?? I don't have any apart from the ones for my thyroids and of course folic acid.

  • To support my uterine lining. Progesterone, Oestrogen and hrt patches

  • That's also an early poas test as blood tests (or at least the ones I'll have) are 9 days past transfer for a 5 day transfer. It's very strange how all clinics work so differently. Not long until your test day now, sending lots of luck!! πŸ€ do you have a test from clinic or have you bought your own? Xxx

  • The clinic gives us one, they only go by the one they give out X

  • Ah I see, well got everything crossed for you. Xxx

  • Can't you do a blood test anyway?

  • I'm not sure who would do one?

  • Indeed... in my case, blood tests are important as I have thyroid probs. But indeed, blood tests are a more sure way to know.

  • Wow that is amazing news........... so happy for you xxxxxxxxx

  • What lovely news!! Congratulations - hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. xx

  • Yes I sure pray for this as I have already had a miscarriage for the 1st IVF treatment. So I'm a bit worried. xxx

  • Yes you must be worried - it's only natural. Having a miscarriage really makes any subsequent pregnancy very stressful. But I really hope it is different this time for you and everything is OK. Take care of yourself xx

  • Thank you hun! xxx

  • Wow congratulations 😊 xx

  • πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  • Wow what an emotional rollercoaster, massive congratulations xxx

  • Thank you Button! <3

  • Ahhhh hahaha this is amazing. .I am out and about and just saw this and had to message..amazing. what should a day for you..right I can so see our bumps colluding now in Copenhagen. .oh wow..sending so much love xxx

  • Indeed Vic!!! I truly hope and wish that we both have a healthy pregnancy until we safely hold our little ones on our arms! Stay in touch! :) and thank you so much for your support! HUGS!! xxx

  • Anytime..will stay in touch for sure..still just so so happy for just shows you in response to your earlier point about blood tests..that really is the only definitive way of knowing..yippee has been a good day and still no call from embryologist for us so day 5 transfer tomorrow..yikes xx

  • Oh Im sooo delighted for you xxx Congrats you must be over the moon. Look after yourself and the clever little bean xxx

  • Thank you Beanme! Yes I will! HUGS! XXX

  • Well what a wonderful about turn on results!

    So is this quite common for urine tests? Going to ask what my clinics policy is when we get to that stage.

  • I don't know... here in Copenhagen, I've never been asked to do a urine test, but a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. It was just me who wanted to know beforehand. And since it was the same morning, I thought it would show the right result. Oh well... I don't know more than that unfortunately.

  • Wow, what a turn of events! You must be all over the place, such fantastic news and wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy.

    My clinic only asks for a urine test to be done too, so strange how clinics can all be so different, especially with something so important.

  • Thank you dear.. indeed I was all over the place! :)

  • Wow Congratulations KriKri! That is amazing news! Good luck with everything from here! x x x

  • Thank you MommaBear! Hugs XXX

  • wow thats fantastic news. . .congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations great news you must be so pleased and relieved xx

  • Indeed Kelly! Thank you!! xxx

  • What a turn around. Fantastic news. You must be over the moon xx

  • Yes indeed... but anxiety for the scan has kicked in already :)

  • Oh wow amazing! Huge congratulations, what a roller coaster! πŸŽ‰x

  • Thank you! xx

  • Congratulations, brilliant news!!! I'm very happy for you and wish you a wonderful pregnancy xoxo

  • Thank you hun!

  • Many many congrats. That's wonderful news to take into the weekend for sure.

  • fantastic news!! Congratulations & take care xx

  • Oh wow that's incredible. Congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations...

  • Ah fantastic news... Congratulations 🎊... Blood tests can be done as early as 9 or 10days after and show correct results but apparently before day 12 a wee on a stick usually does not show result. I go for bloods on day 10 and clinic told me if I did my own test it would show negative probably and to avoid doing... That scared me now enough to not do one! Good luck with your pregnancy, lots of love 😍 xx

  • Oh I was on D14... but anyway, happy that the blood test showed otherwise. :) Thank you!

  • Oh wow, sorry didn't see that.... Well that's just brilliant.. Best news... Congratulations 🎊.. Hope you have a lovely pregnancy.. Xxxx

  • Thank you hun! :D I don't think I wrote it down. :) Hugs xxx

  • Congratulations!! Good luck with your pregnancy xxx

  • Brilliant πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€πŸ’‹

  • Amazing news!! Xxx

  • Wow that really is amazing news for you lovely, massive congratulations to you xxx

  • Wooooohoooooo. That's amazing news. Big hearty congratulations xxx

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