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Prostap..does it stop the ovaries doing anything at all?

Hi everyone, bit of a random question but one hopefully someone has knowledge of. I'm currently on prostap (which shuts down the ovaries and puts you into a pseudo menopause) for three months before our next IVF cycle. I know it stops ovulation but what I'm wondering is, does it stop the ovaries doing anything at all, such as producing follicles?

The reason I ask is because my diet has slipped a little since my previous IVF cycle and I'm worried that I could be negatively affecting any follicle/egg growth & quality which in turn could hinder the number and quality of the eggs retrieved during our next IVF.

I've always been so healthy during every cycle..eating right, lots of protein & healthy foods, no alcohol or caffeine, loads of water etc. Since the failure of our 3rd cycle though I guess I'd kinda had enough of being so saintly only for it to still not work and have eaten what I wanted, had a few drinks and although I still drink decaf my water intake has also slipped.

I wondered if it actually matters because I'm on prostap, if my ovaries aren't doing anything at all anyway, would it not matter what my diet is like?

I know a healthy diet is important for so much more than egg quality, and I will be getting back to my usual healthy routine, I guess I'm just worried I've already caused damage! IVF makes you so crazy 😳

Any advice much appreciated! x

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Hi Gerogina78. Yes, I'm afraid Prostap does switch everything off that the ovaries are supposed to do. Often women get menopausal type symptoms too, which will subside once stimulation begins. You will be scanned to check that are no cysts left behind that could cause problems when you start stimulating. Not nice to have but it is good at what it is supposed to do. Good luck with the rest of your cycle when it finally gets under way. thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane

Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it and thanks for the information.

I was kind of confused as to whether the ovaries might still be developing follicles even though they wouldn't be releasing any eggs. It might seem like a daft question but I just wasn't sure and have been paranoid that enjoying life a little could be detrimental, this process makes you paranoid! (It's certainly been good for my emotional health though!)

I have definitely been having some menopausal symptoms but I'm trying to stay positive and keep in mind the fact that the prostap will be helping reduce the inflammation my endo causes, hopefully leading to 4th time lucky!

Thanks again for your response and your wishes xx


Hi Georgina78. Hopefully it will settle your endometriosis nicely and give you a better chance. Diane


Thanks Diane, yes hopefully. It has already reduced the symptoms I experience so hopefully that proves to be a good thing for our next cycle too x


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