help !!

help !!

hi there im a newbie....

im excited confused/scared :( i have suspected pcos... been trying for a family for like 4-5 years. im a week late. i did two pregnancy tests one came back positive and one negative. ive had pinkish/brown discharge for two days and light cramping and im seriously tired and napping during the day.

ive never spotted in my life :)

im hoping im pregnant

Guys !!! I hope you can see the picture!!!!!!!!

I have another picture as well

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  • Fingers crossed you are!! They do say that there's never a false positive but there can be a false negative.. time to get a blood test in Monday!! xoxo

  • i was told that it is rare to get a false positive result. im just so hoping to be pregnant xx

  • Wishing you a BFP xxx

  • Ah bless u!! Hope u r!!! Keep us posted x

  • Really hoping this your BFP xxx

  • Bfp? Sorry I don't know what that means. Thank you though x

  • Big fat postive hoping you are pregnant, you have the signs so fingers crossed xxx

  • oh hahahahhahaha sorry, im crossing everything for everyone else xxxxxx

  • Guys !!!! How do I post a pic ?

  • I think you need to upload the imagine in a new post? Like you did with the first image. As far as I know I don't think you'll be able to post one under the replies. Either that or you might be able to edit this post and that might allow you to post another picture?

    Good luck! Hope it's a positive for you xxx

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