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Delayed period on clomid?

Hi ladies,

Hoping someone can help?

On my first cycle of clomid I ovulated on day 14/15 and got my period on day 28 exactly.

This cycle I started the clomid on day 2 same as previous cycle, felt like I ovulated again exactly 2 weeks after period so expected my period again on day 28! I'm now on day 30 and it still hasn't come?

I annoyed because I feel pregnant, feel exactly how I did the last time I was pregnant: sore boobs, very sore, sore nipples, constipated etc but I just checked with a clear blue early test and I'm not! I'm guttted, I really thought I was 😥 Just was so sure and feel so different. I really feel if I was the clear blue would have detected it! Now I didn't test with first pee of the day.

So why has my period not come like it did last cycle 14 days after ovulation?! I though it would be very precise on clomid!

Has anyone experienced this where you ovulated and your period doesn't come 14 days after, it's delayed but you aren't pregnant?

Help appreciated xx

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Hi on clomid sometimes my cycle went to 35 days even though I was regular 28 days without. Maybe you ovulated later than you thought, those LH strip tests are always 100% accurate and you are still in with a chance? Best of luck x


Thank you so much for your response. That's reassuring to hear. I thought it would be always 28days. I suppose I could have ovulated later. I'll wait another few days and test again. Thank you x

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