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Down Reg Bleeding?

Just after a bit of advice and sorry in advance if TMI!

Started my nasal spray on 21st Jan, due to have my scan on 15h Feb so that currently puts me on day 21ish.

Before I started my sprays I started spotting (I am very irregular anyway), I contacted my clinic and she said it shouldn't be a problem to start sniffing. So I started and I carried on bleeding for around 8 days, it wasn't particularly heavy, maybe a couple of days in the middle medium-heavy, but no clots etc which I usually get anyway so didn't seem heavier or longer which I thought it would be.

Anywaaaay I haven't bled since and I can't imagine that would have been my withdrawal bleed as it was too early?

I keep getting little twinges like something is happening, but nothing.

Also not had many side effects, I already suffer from headaches and insomnia so no change there. I did have a weekend of feeling flat and rubbish but just rested and kept myself to myself. I am doing acupuncture and drinking at least 2 litres of water a day so that could be helping.

Just wondering what other ladies experiences was like if you didn't bleed? Did you need to down reg for longer? did it work in the end?

I am just worried that my stupid body doesn't do anything it's told and feel like I am going to fail at the first hurdle !

It says in my paperwork to still go for my scan if I haven't bled but do you think I should let my clinic know beforehand?

:) x

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Hi Hidden! I dont think there is such a thing as TMI on here! Ha ha ha I had the same worries on my last cycle as I had to down regulate for longer on my first. I only had a small amount of bleeding on my 2nd cycle, literally just a day of light bleeding and my lining was good to go, apparently the lining can be absorbed as well as shedded. Just mention it to the clinic before your scan but fingers crossed it will all be fine!xx

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Thanks Cinderella, that is reassuring to know! Obvs happy to down reg longer if needed.

Good luck to you on your journey :) x

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Hi taylor85. Sounds like one of the regular "hiccups" we get when down regulating. You may have to for a bit longer, but it shouldn't have a bad effect on the cycle. You must go for your scan as that will give the clinic all the information they need to advise you for the rest of the cycle. Good luck with it all. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane! I'll let them know all at the clinic! xx


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