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Moving on to the next stage...Menopur to start tomorrow! 😬

Hi, this is my first post on any forum but I have been an avid reader and follower throughout my journey.

I have been for my baseline scan today and the Buserelin seems to be doing its job and my lining was 3mm (I actually don't know if that is good). We are ready to move onto the Menopur tomorrow.

Is anyone around this time in their journey? Or can share what to expect in this stage? ❤️

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Hi Laura! I am hoping to get the go ahead for Menopur on Wednesday after what will be 18 days down regging on Buserelin. I can't wait to move on to the next stage! So I won't be far behind you!

Things definitely kick up a gear from here... my clinic do blood test and scans every Mon/Wed/Fri to keep an eye on follicles etc. When they are happy they will give us some antibiotics and a trigger shot to take two nights before EC. It seems to go really quick.

The only thing to bear in mind is that there can be delays if they are not happy with the scan results. It's only because they want us to have the best possible chance of success so don't be disheartened if they move dates. I only say this because I had a meltdown when they moved our dates! haha Wishing you lots of luck, keep in touch x x x

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Thanks so much for getting in touch.

I am so pleased to be moving onto the next stage, it has been a long 23 days! Hoping that my body plays ball and follows the plan, but prepared for the delay and wait if needed.

It's so exciting but also so scary! I am playing it cool and I get a sudden wave of 'what if's'!

Fingers crossed for you on Wednesday! 🙏🏼


Haha I know those 'what ifs'! It is so hard to keep our emotions in check but I think we probably don't give ourselves enough credit for how strong we are through this whole process.

23 days is a loooonnnnnnnggggggggg time, I hope we both get to progress within the next week! x x x


Hi Laura2812

I start the next stage this evening

I have my Gonal F injection this evening and have been on buserelin for 18 days I think. I'm pretty nervous about it but also excited about this next step!

Good luck with your journey 🍀🍀

Please keep us posted xx

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Good luck! Keep us updated with how you get on ❤️

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Thank you, I will do 😀 Xx


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