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Trials and tribulations of fertility treatment when you live on an island

Hi there. I'm a 30 year old woman who was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries early last year. I do not display the usual symptoms of PCOS. I am a healthy weight and have no facial hair etc. However, I have had one period in 3 years.

They tried me on clomid but I didn't respond at all so now I am on my third round of Menopur. I responded last time but did not ovulate and I haven't responded so far this time on the same dose. However, they increased my dose on Friday and have also given me ovatril to take as well. I'm actually sitting in the waiting room now for my bloods and scan.

This has totally taken over my life. I have to fly down to a main hospital in Scotland every 3 days for appointments as I live on an island. I'm missing work, having to lie to people and I'm mentally and physically drained. I am surrounded by friends who are pregnant or with babies and I feel like each day I'm painting on a fake smile. I just needed to rant on here to other people who understand. 😘

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I'm so sorry to hear it and thanks for putting my travel issues in to perspective ;) My concern is applying for jobs when I'm going through treatment: how will I get through a probation period if I keep having to attend scans etc? But I don't have to fly to my clinic! I have friends on the islands and though it seems idyllic it's time like this that make you realise the cost... You are doing so well holding this all together. I hope work are being supportive and all the v v best!


I totally understand your concerns. I'm very lucky as my manager is very understanding about giving me time off. I may have to take the odd day as annual leave. Would you have far to travel for appointments? Although I have to take a day out of work to travel down, the appointment is never longer than 15 minutes.

Thank you for your kind words. All the best to you too 😘 Xx

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Oh that's frustrating - so far for so little time! I'm lucky that I have a couple of clinics close by but if I move clinic which I might do to maximise success chances as I'm now 40 then I'm debating London or Birmingham which would be further. To be honest it's more fitting in the appointments around work - or not - as I'm paid daily so basically have to take every day as unpaid... Hopefully it'll be worth it all in the end - and for you too! Good luck!


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