First post and first round of IVF , I had 20 eggs collected and 17 where good but only had 2 put back in on the 9th of January and none for freezing I was in total shock that none was left but my question is I have a lot of pain , I can't sleep on my side and I understand that stuff was swollen but has anyone got the same problem .. it's all worth it as the 2ww test was positive and we have appointment on the 13 for a scan and still keeping everything crossed, I am 40 and lost 3 to eptocs

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  •'s difficult to know whether it is your body getting ready to grown your little bean or whether it could be ohss.

    Given your history, I would be tempted to call the clinic or the epu to see if they can scan you, even though it might be too early to see little bean, they can check the ohss situation?

  • I've had pain and cramping. If I were you I'd mention it to your clinic, you may have mild ohss. No harm in talking to them & explaining your worries.xx

  • P.s huge congratulations on your positive πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

  • Massive congratulations on your BFP!! You are exactly the same as me with how many eggs were collected, fertilised etc and I've just had two out back in. Do you mind me asking what your grades were?

    In regards to the pain when I had my transfer due to collecting so many eggs my ovaries were still very enlarged but they said al safe to do transfer but if I was to get any further pain etc then to give them a call because I was high risk of ohss, but as I found out last night due to being very constipated I now feel loads better since being able to pass, (sorry for the tmi)!

    It's hard to tell with yourself because as previous post above like Hollibob said it could just be your body getting adjusted but then you are still at risk of ohss even tho you pregnant now. So I would give the clinic a call just to be safe.

    I hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy your little miracle growing inside you xxx

  • I can't remember the grades both eggs where close to being blast but not quite

  • Ok lovely thank you for your reply x

  • Congratulations! I was the same, I had mild OHSS and a hematoma from collection. I imagine you're really swollen from all the follicles you have but worth a scan just to rule anything out x

  • Hi ROsemary76. Oh dear! It could be that your ovaries are still a bit active after all those eggs being collected. Rest when you can, and drink plenty of water. Take some paracetamol for the pain, but no anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. See your GP if it doesn't soon settle. Hope all goes well with the scan when you get to meet your little "bean"! Thinking of you. Diane

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