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Hi Everyone

Has anyone heard of recommended clinics in Prague for IVF? I went to get a scan today because I have a cyst near ovary etc which will have need removal before treatment and the lady who scanned me said Prague is very good for treatment, much cheaper than England and high success rates but I wouldn't know where to start looking. Any suggestions please?

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  • Hi

    Have you visited the "fertility friends" forum? It has a very good discussion board on many international clinics including most of the clinics in Czech Rep.

    hope that helps


  • Thank you. I've just registered, waiting for email confirmation.

    How did you find the treatment there? Did it work?

  • Hi Stickycarrot,

    I thought my clinic was very professional, very quick to answer emails and the coordinators spoke fluent English.

    I was successful 😍. I used De not Oe ivf.

    I will pm the name of my clinic as you are not allowed to mention it openly, as this is seen as advertising on the site.


  • Hi

    We are afraid that we have had to delete and edit posts from this thread as they contain names and comments about individual clinics. Whilst a request for feedback via the private messaging system is acceptable, we ask that comments/details are not posted on the community.

    Please see our posting guidelines



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