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mild ivf cycle

after last ivf attempt and one egg collected - have been advised to have a mild ivf cycle next. With my autoimmune disorder and knowing the stats are very much against us as am now 40 yrs old - am starting to despair. I know we will try but just starting to feel this dream is slipping away now and its painful.

anyone else doing or have done a mild ivf protocol?

does it seem negative to start thinking of alternatives?

Wishing you all the best

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I did mild first (I was 44!!) and got no egg, did stimulated in November, still only one dominant follicle as with age didn't respond great to meds but they got one egg of good grade.not sure if that's just coincidence tho but I know my clinic have said they may do natural this time which I'm also concerned about.i guess we have to put our faith in them as the experts.i will push for meds if I can tho!! x

Sorry probs not much help am I? x



Sorry for late reply ! I'm really thankful for your message and sharing your story with me. Best of luck with your journey ! It does help knowing am not alone !


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Good luck to u 2 my dear x


Have a look at my profile. .. traditional icsi ivf didnt work for me (I barely responded and only got one egg to fertlise) , I am 40 with low amh. I then did the natural modified (mild) method and collected two eggs every month for three months!! All 6 fertilised and I am now 20 wk pregnant. At my last scan I saw the NHS consultant from my first NHS ivf attempt who told us we had less than 2% chance and donor or adoption our only real choices (didn't tell him though and he obviously didn't remember us) . I am glad I took the chance I felt I needed to. On the other hand having back up plans and alternatives I don't think is negative. .. but sensible long term. We have to protect ourselves, balancing hope and pragmatism. Good luck honey🍀🌼🍀 xxx p.s. it is much easier on your mind and body with fewer drugs even if a little hectic with more scans xxxx


Thanks so much for your reply and congratulations dear!! It is heart warming to read your story and gives me hope.

I guess the lower meds make for better quality egg. And also from your story I feel it is important to not give up.

Did you have three mild ivf treatments ?

Take care dear and best wishes xxx


Thanks sweetie xx I had three egg collections, (I did these three months consecutively but you don't have to) then one fet at the end of that time all part of a package. That one got a bfp too but I had an early miscarriage. I had to pay again for another fet separately and this is the one that seems to have worked xxx I think you have to listen to your body, your heart and your head in this process - which can be super tricky when they are all saying different things! I thought I would have given up before but I know I wasn't ready then .... (which obviously I am glad about now ) ... but I think it would have been easier to let go at the end of this (for me) as I would have felt that I had done everything I could. There is no wrong or right herexxx take care and good luck xx it's not over till you say it is!!!!!


So did you do 3 ivf back to back ? Do you mind if I ask which clinic you went to?

Certainly micracles can happen from your story

Take care dear



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