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Hopefully ICSI due to v. poor sperm

Hi All

We're just starting the IVF/ICSI process and we've come to it a very roundabout way.

We were posted abroad (forces) last summer and in the move we discovered records that show where my husband thought he had one undescended testicle at birth it was actually both. It was also corrected late at 8.

He has now had two sperm analyses done and while one was zero the second showed 'occasional motile sperm' but still incredibly low. We haven't had any support through any of this (doctors here were rubbish and completely horrendous when they told us - regarded it as an anomaly and something funny) and we're basically going off what we've found but our medical liaison has referred us for ICSI with (hopefully) TESE.

I'm trying to get in touch with the clinic we're hopefully referred to but I'm going to be looking for people going through TESE following undescended testicles and incredibly low counts. On top of this we're going to have to be flying back and forth to complete treatment so I may well be in an odd situation where my husband is in another country as I (hopefully) conceive his child.

Sorry for the ramble - we're on our own out here and stream of consciousness.

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Hi Robynson - We're about to start our second round of ICSI without TESE but I just wanted to wish you and your husband lots of luck with everything. I'm sorry that your doctors haven't been particularly helpful or sensitive. It's a difficult enough process without that. It's scary at first and there is soooooooo much information out there but try to stay positive. I hope someone on here can help you with some good news stories. Best of luck x x x


Hello, my partner also had an undescended testicle and has sperm count issues, I just get so frustrated that no one has told us if this is the reason for his count or whether it can be treated in anyway such as with hormones! We had a round of icsi but didn't work and due to start again shortly. It might be worth getting the clinic to freeze some sperm to ensure that you have some as it can vary.



Ah I can understand your frustration. We're forces too and I hate how the constant threat of being posted makes an already difficult situation harder. We've actually changed our posting preferences to keep us in the same area so I don't have to change clinic. Is there any way you could ask for a posting back to the U.K. on medical grounds? Welfare seem to be surprisingly support about it. Good luck with it all xxx


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