Ah it was all going pretty well, until today! I've got a good amount of follies, and everything was looking fine, but I had to have a blood test to determine EC day, but they discovered whatever it was my levels were a bit high, so theyre now awaiting on another result to see if I have OHSS and might freeze my embryos and give me a month off for my body to recover. I'm absolutely gutted as last time we didn't get any to freeze, and I'm just worried this will all have been for nothing.

Sorry to moan xx

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  • Aww hun sorry to hear that but at least hopefully they will get eggs out to freeze so then you just need the transfer to happen later down the line, every clinic must be different as ive not had blood tests for ohss at all I was just told to keep an eye out for symptoms- sending good luck xx

  • Really sorry it hasn't gone to plan, it must be very frustrating and of course you need to vent. I hope you get better news from your results x

  • I know it's hard but try and stay positive. Take their advice and rest. IVF is so hard! Stay strong xxx

  • Thank you ladies, I appreciate your support xxx

  • Try to stay strong and positive....u will get there in the end xxx

  • I had to have mine frozen on the 2nd round due to high progesterone and then I got a BFP from my FET. Its disheartening at the time but the decision is made in order to give you the best chance possible. It sounds like your oestrogen was too high putting you at risk of OHSS. x

  • Ah that's good to know, congratulations! They did say my progesterone might be too high πŸ˜” How long did you have to wait for your FET? I think it's the uncertainty that is so hard, it's never sodding easy! Xxx

  • It was a month or so until my FET. I took low dose steroids to keep the progesterone down but I was then delayed cos my lining was too thin. Unfortunately I miscarried at 7 weeks. X

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that xx

  • sorry to hear that, at least you will have frozen ones. And it will helps you one time. don't be upset. as a psychologist I can tell you don't make yourself sad. try to spend more time with your family, more rest and positive emotions, do whatever you like. wish you luck xxx

  • Thank you, my panic is last time my embryos weren't good enough to freeze, so I'm worried we won't even get to the transfer stage, at least last time they popped two back, and I felt like we'd done our bit, even just for a little time. Xx

  • if you are worrying all the time your body feels that and react in the same time. I know a lit of couples who always blame yourselves and they didn't get any great results. so firstly you should clean your mind and think only positive. that's all philosophy. btw, where are you taking treatment? becuse i know one good clinic probably that's it.

    keep me updated please

  • I'm at the London women's clinic in Harley street, I really like them there, they're lovely and very supportive.

  • I've heard about it but have never been there. Our clinic was in europe too, but that was in ukraine. nothing similar.

    hope they will gave you real support and your treatment will go well.


  • Dont lose hope.... we thought we would have a fresh cycle transfer in November, but due to a pylop, the wife had to delay ET, so we had to freeze embroyo, but we are now back on track, and scheduled fur ET next week. A ton of injections for the from now till then

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