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Hello everyone,

Has anyone here used Access Fertility for there treatment? Me and my partner are looking into some of their treatment programmes but the refund options in particular. This would be our third attempt so the programme does look really appealing although it is a lot of money to find up front so we're curious to hear of people's experiences. Xx

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We are also considering them for this year...



Yes we've gone for a 2 cycle ICSI refund. It is a lot of money but I think the fact that it covers unlimited frozen cycles as well as the 2 fresh is good.

It was really easy to sort out and in someways now it's paid and done it's taken the stress of the financial side of it away. For me personally it's given me a goal too, and a bit of a cut off point to not continuing the torture of IVF past these cycles. Knowing that I've got these rounds then I will adopt if unsuccessful has taken the stress away. I know that may sound strange, but I'm quite a pragmatic person.

In terms of the process it was really easy to sort, consultation with clinic then they send off your details to Access. You have a couple of forms to sign (via email), pay your money and then your signed up.

I suppose it is a gamble as if we fall pregnant first time with Access then yes we will have overpaid, but you know what.... if I was so lucky for this to happen I wouldn't care!

Hope this helps as only my personal experience. Take care x

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We have just been accepted for the DE refund cycles using access fertility. Agreed it's a lot of money up front but peace of mind knowing we have 3 tries plus frozen and if all that fails 70% refunded. It was very easy to arrange and we are just waiting for a match then we can get going xxx


Thank you so much ladies, I think we are going to opt for the 3 cycle with 100% refund option as I think this will be our last shot so wanted to give it everything but if all else fails then we would at least have some money back to look into other options.

I have been in contact and they seem really helpful, replying to emails quickly and answering all our questions. Having already had two failed cycles the idea of having a plan in place is very appealing as that will help alliviate some of the stress at least, and although the money seems quite daunting at first I'm sure that will all be forgotten about if we fall pregnant.

Wishing you all the best with your treatment! Xx


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