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Exercise during IVF

Hi all - first post!

Like many of you strong ladies (and men) we've been on the long & lonely unexplained infertility journey for years now, but our treatment starts this month.

I have not coped well with our circumstances - I've been taking a low dose antidepressant and seeing a counsellor for several months now.

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but how much exercise is acceptable throughout treatment? I have read that I should be taking it easy, which makes sense, but I'm a gym freak - more for mental health reasons than physical, and I am concerned that not exercising will cause me more anxiety.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi . .I think it depends on what your fertility centre say . . On my 1st failed cycle through the NHS they said I could exercise as normal up until egg collection .. But I am now my 2nd cycle through Care and they have advised no exercise after I start Menopur injections . .. I suggest find something else that can help which is not as aggressive on your body . . maybe try Yoga or Pilates but take it easy . .. I know its hard going through all of this, but please try to remain positive xx


Yeah my clinic have said no exercise at all through the process, I'm sure swimming would be ok tho x


Hi there, I start my injections on Wednesday, and my last gym session will be Tuesday. I was told to avoid gym workouts and swimming during the treatment until after we test and then get advice from then on. Lifting weights was a big no no! They said I can walk, but gentle walks. It's sounds very cautious, but if you weigh it up, it's only for about 4-6 weeks. Don't do anything that you will look back and use that situation to blame it on, its causes more of an impact on your mental health in the end. Have you thought about yoga?x


Thanks for all your responses - I do bikram yoga, but pretty sure that's out!

Good luck to all of you x


Hi -noodles- I was always taught not to go too mad with exercise during IVF treatment, as you don't want to be pumping up too much testosterone! Could you maybe swap to some swimming and walking for now?? This way you will still getting a bit of a"mental" workout too. Good luck with it all. Diane


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